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  1. Hi, but I am leaving soon with a Gift

    One does not simply quit ro
  2. Farming in Sleepers

    Patience you must have, my young padawan. The day will come.
  3. Farming in Sleepers

    Hello, I wanted to try out no endow build so i took a video at the same time. Just compare what you're doing wrong, I casualy got 100 GN in 10 mins fooling around killing some goats on the way. I say 250 GN / 30mins is a goal for noobies, aim 300 /30 min
  4. Afk leveling homunculus

    if you pick items from the same cell you were afking (not moving) im not sure it resets the timer. i know sitting doesnt, you need to move or skill.
  5. PVP / Farming Assassin Cross Equipment (Unrestricted)

    if you really wanna go pure pvp sonic blow consider hydra instead of TG. 3x QS + 1 TG = 165% dmg modifier VS 3x QS + 1 Hydra = 174% dmg modifier
  6. The Amazing Summer Race 2016 Summer Event

    whats the loyal bonus of angry penguin? cant find it in itemdb thx =)
  7. Newbie from EU!

    Hi there, just ping talonro.com game server is on same host. Say hi to santa for me
  8. TalonRO's Mainstream Leveling While Farming Guide

    Hi, all normal attacks are neutral. However, garm baby, to keep your example, cast frost diver wich is obviously ice property Elemental armor are really effective for specific place, not general use. Having a fire armor in thor or bathory in abbey is a must because it will cancel/greatly reduce most of the skills. It does not only works vs magic, lots of elemental monsters have elemental attribute physical attack. The regular normal attack is however always neutral.
  9. A Guide to Zeny: Make Your Own Blue Potions [No Gears]

    you are not wrong, at that price you wont make profit. howver if you brew them with a creator you can make a huge profit, at the cost of breaking your fingers and being annoyed to the bone.
  10. sinx new

    Crit to be cool, DD to be effective
  11. Guide: SINX:How to earn 4.5m+/hr in Geffenia

    How to farm geffenia without gear : max dex stat, bring lots of fly wing and steal everything and let the killing to others
  12. Is Icepick really necessary for a knight leveling in sleepers?

    Go for the money
  13. I changed to Priest at 45 Job, was it a mistake?

    5 skill points as a priest is no big deal. About the stat bonus you already lost them. Those bonus you have when aco resets when you change priest. You only have the stat bonus of the class you currently are.
  14. About size reduction on pvp

    Thats cause all classes are medium (execpt small size for baby chars but who would harm a child (except for priest )). At some points in ro history peco mounted chars were consider large but this changed to all medium years ago.
  15. I changed to Priest at 45 Job, was it a mistake?

    No problem, you will get rebirth soon enough. When you re high aco just dont make the same mistake again Hp needs every skill points