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  1. Black Metal

    Weight Limit?

    There is a max of 100 different items in inventory, cart too.
  2. Black Metal

    How steal works for noobies =)

    Yeah thats for sure. First item slot of mavka is yellow herb. The more "steal power" you have, the more yellow herbs you will steal. You dont want that.
  3. Black Metal

    Am I doing Vampsmith wrong?

    Sure theres pros and cons. I meant that comparing auto attack to bb is unfair dps wise.
  4. Black Metal

    Am I doing Vampsmith wrong?

    I think lazy people like vampsmith for its convenient features like auto attack, cart, overcharge, greed, being cool. Autoattack build will never compete with skill users build, especially a 1000% aoe damage like bb.
  5. Black Metal

    Am I doing Vampsmith wrong?

    Dont compare to lk or you will never be happy. Lks are beasts.
  6. Black Metal

    How steal works for noobies =)

    Nice, i've been too lazy to test it out. Thanks for sharing your results
  7. Black Metal

    LK SP PvP. Should I use Kaho or VH?

    Valk helm sqi
  8. Black Metal

    Luna Nocturnus > Social / PVM Guild

    So small yet so strong
  9. Black Metal

    Luna Nocturnus > Social / PVM Guild

    meet us in brasilis
  10. Black Metal

    TK Ranking

    Hmm not sure i think theres a change log somewhere probably on wiki. Or just read all the monthly patches until you are up to date
  11. Black Metal

    TK Ranking

    5% points decays weekly. On monday iirc.
  12. Black Metal

    Let's show our Vanilmirths!

    I think you just need to halve the hp and sp to make it work on a regular calculator
  13. Black Metal

    Jewelcrafting and Enchanting

    Thx for sharing your results, your picture suits you
  14. Black Metal

    Newbie Farming for new rogue

    https://wiki.talonro.com/Abbreviations#M This will be your best bud if you are new
  15. Black Metal

    Guide: SINX:How to earn 4.5m+/hr in Geffenia

    Well zeny/h rate is affected by lots of factors. 4.5m is definetly not a bait but a goal you should aim for. Sometimes you'll do less sometimes you'll do more. If you farm at 22h server time during week days when geffenia is empty (as empty as geffenia can get) you can even reach 6m/10 kaahi run with a bit of luck and a lot of cafeine running in your veins.