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  1. hello big boy, your armor may not be ideal for an all around build but i think fire armor is just as good as any other tao gunka armor since most of the painful damage in magma is fire. so if you dont plan on changing spot, i wouldnt bother changing your armor unless its a fire armor that you put a tao but thats a bit expensive. I wouldnt plan on switching to BB to farm unless you dont intent to move to tougher place like abyss. For your sanity its better to keep strolling the zerk avenue. BB dps is amazing but unless you kill your target in 2 hits, the randomness of the pushback that iduna brought is not viable anymore for strong monsters, best to save BB for mvping or boss monster that dont get pushed. The only small improvement i can see is your weapon... enchant it !! other than that any other improvement would be in the 8 digits like a cool enchanted armor for tao gunka or cool nike shoes (sleip)
  2. So eddga card overwrite endure skill and i would love if it was the other way around. Eddga is a super cool card, allowing all the class to feel as strong as the mighty swordman, but its detrimental to swordman . The beloved endure skill comes with a super cool 10 mdef bonus but eddga prevents us to use our skill to its full potential that we deserve. If we use endure skill and then switch to eddga we loose the mdef bonus (you loose 9 mdef because eddga card gives 1mdef) despite behind hit or not. If we are wearing eddga and use endure, we dont get any mdef bonus but the skill still goes on cooldown. If its not possible, maybe change the script to something like if user has level 5 endure or higher eddga gives level 5 endure. The way it is now its as if battle hook which enables pierce level 3 would prevent someone with pierce level 10 to use level 3 as highest possible level.
  3. i like the idea of freeing the weapon slot its interesting
  4. thx for the info is there a way to get the clients not stack but still see them as a small icon?
  5. i love it ❤️ i'd add pine jubilee food works pretty amazingly with that cool sword
  6. Sorry for late reply, took me a lot of time i wanted to get it right. So there you go you can mail 10m+10m peco fee to BigTony thx ❤️
  7. I like your ideas, it promotes an active gameplay for sl instead of the buff npc slave.
  8. I found out im gifted for drawing. Im open for business, im asking for 10m for a colored drawing like this one. If you want a peco peco too, add another 10m because those are very detailed and for a perfectionist like me it requires a lot of work.
  9. Black Metal

    NO KS on MvP

    But its part of the fun. Anyway low hp mvp is pretty much a win for the one that finds it first and on mvp that needs a few punch to die most class out dps champs. If its always the same guy you can mess with him too, secure the kill by doing some damage and then go hide in a corner and let him kill it and go pick up loots. After a few times hes gonna be more pissed than you and youve found yourself a mvp buddy to spice up your evening.
  10. shield chain is a good idea to build because with the rework of bragi coming up with iduna SC build gonna be fun even in parties
  11. Bris osiris with celebration ring is a little bit better but again the difference is so small that what would make me choose is the overall usefullness of the bris. What im trying to say is both build will give the same results, pick the bris you will get the most use out of it depending what other chars you play. Bris osiris is super duper nice on any char for any party play, but if you mostly play solo you might prefer bris sting.
  12. So youre just wondering about accessories setup? The difference is really minimal. Celeb build is a tiny bit better because it gives a little more stat points, but really both does the same job. Tweaking your stats a bit for 9x base str will already affect more than the difference between these 2 gear setup. You dont really need sleep immunity and if youre worried about your heal amount with lower int, diablos ring setup could help. So in conclusion since the difference is so small i would go for the bris you will use the most on any of your chars.
  13. Black Metal

    Reset skills

    Clicking the skills you want to use on your second/rebirth tree then clicking apply automaticly fills up the first class requirement skills anyway
  14. Thx for hosting it we really had fun. Im proud of my teamates ❤️
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