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  1. CNY 2018 Quest Guide ( Complete )

    I guess the rose costume depends on the amount of frozen vs witherless roses instead of the path you chose. It would make sense color wise
  2. Valhalla question

    yes all 6 members of the party gets it
  3. Aspiring LKs (new players)

    You can ygg seed under zerk? Edit : just realised being at 1hp will cancel zerk ignore my nabness.
  4. Yes it now works you can check IS card has the same script
  5. Aspiring LKs (new players)

    Thats cool im sure people will want to try it since equips aint too $$$ compared to typical end game builds. Dark lord is not too melee friendly due to dark blessing (what you died to) but you killed it fast enough it doesnt get lots of rolls.
  6. Hello there, First off they are both great. Imo it'll come down to party vs solo play. LKs rock and can do pretty much whatever they want but dont work well in end game big party plays. For LK i suggest bb build because it is gutterless on tro meaning it will always hit 2x whatever how many monsters you are mobbing and wherever you are on the map. In otherwords, 2x500% damage skill aoe... yeah thats OP. Pally are mostly used for devo in end game parties but all builds are fun and good when you just wanna have fun doing your stuff.
  7. dragon manteau

    I think the whole new world quest is required for the first time, but once you get the ring to speak with saphra you can make dragon manteau quest with all your other chars from your account
  8. Bronze coin bank

    Hello, It would be really nice if the rental guy had an option to deposite the bronze coins and could hold them for us until needed to keep our inventory clean. I think only rental guy has a use for bronze coin but if im missing something and there's another use, he could have a withdraw function too.
  9. RING OF WISE problem

    Quest Order First Quest Second Quest Third Quest Fourth Quest Fifth Quest Sixth Quest Final Quest Onward to the New World Quest → New Surroundings → Attitude to the New World → Report from the New World → Ring of the Wise King → Two Tribes → Guardian of Yggdrasil Pursuing Rayan Moore → Tripatriate Union's Feud → Finding a Fairy → Finding a fairy is not required to start report from the new world but you need both report and fairy to start the ring quest. At least thats my interpretation of the graph.
  10. Some more questions about Shield Chain

    Care to share if its more effective than a TG weapon?
  11. Some more questions about Shield Chain

    I think at some point they changed some of the attack bonus calculation. Maybe the topic you linked was before the change. I know for a fact that BK card works, thats what im using when a need a little boost on my damage to kill my target with less hits. Since IS has same script it should work the same but unless you are using a low weight shield or low str build i think % modifier card like TG is the way to go.
  12. So...Centipedes....What the effin' hell?

    I farm there with pally using brocca so i dont have to bother switching gear. You can malandgo enchant it for ranged damage if you are lucky you can get 20%+ ranged damage. The 46k damage hit you are talking about comes from poison attack. Argiope card and that 46k becomes "miss".
  13. tamtam maps or sleepers for farming ?

    You cant really compare tamtam with sleepers for profit because theres too many factors. Tamtam is fun because it opens up a lot of possibilities and you might even discover some cool places. Sleeper is boring and makes you sleepy.
  14. Post Def-Nerf Pally/LK Tanks for ET/GMC/Seals

    This is from ET. I never tried the wild ones because of the reasons you stated and the fact that it requires more than 2-3 ppl to compete for them. Those runs are with a small party without hw so no safety wall because perma LP when the tank attacks ifrit. I agree champ is best by far. The question was if its still possible, answer is yes.