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  1. Yeah sure its coming up but boreas said the quest might not even be a thing with the revamp so might as well remove it now. They might feel less pressure that way XD.
  2. Just remove the seal quest restriction to valhalla. If people paid for seal services thats there problem no one forced anyone to pay. It was free to try after all and without cooldown. There's no more seal we gotta deal with it. Its sad because they were pretty fun to do but it must suck to not have the option until sqi revamp happens.
  3. would be nice if the room was not pvp flagged cause some mechanics are different and theres always pvp for pvp
  4. yes it came with iduna months ago
  5. that it doesnt reduce the damage anymore, a clown can easily double your damage with aspd song + bragi
  6. OGH is a lot of work just because of the first boss. It spams EQ and you cant just ignore the demonstration. If you dont wanna bring fcp in ogh youll have to get a 100% fire resist build or bring indestructible spare gear just for that fight. You dont have much choice. Its so much easier to bring a slave fcp. Gtb + fcp = izi pizi. The last boss is easier cause it doesnt break anything and doesnt EQ. If you are assump'd there's only shadow grand cross to worry about and bathory solves that. At the end of fight it uses crit wound level 4-5 so you might have to ygg if you cant finish it off before your hp reach 0. For kraken a sage slave for dispel take care of all your problems. His damage is really weak. Reflect will do over 80% of the damage receive if you choose to ignore it lol. If you are assump'd his EQ barely tickle, but if you are not assump'd just stick to gtb and izi pizi once again. Your dual sage is handy if competition shows up because the only thing that can outdps you are weaklings that needs numa. Put your sage on rsx/osiris and just res him when needed.
  7. Hello so SB is the only real option to tank and unfortunately its the most boring role to play ☹. It’s so ahead of any other form of tanking that it forces out any melee class out of party plays. I think there’s a few ways to make other options viable too. First I think flee could use a tune up. Every aspect of ro is really nice with tro flavour but flee just can’t compete. I think the formula could use a tro adjustment and slow down the decay curve. As soon as decay kicks in its game over. The formula could be revisited to something like def did. Decay starting right away but on a much slower rate with mvps being flagged to decay harder. 10% per monster is too much for the way flee works. It can result in -30 flee which at fine tuned flee result in damage received 700% higher for only 1 monster decay (getting hit 5% vs getting hit 35% of times). Another thing against flee is the power up monster skill. There’s no need for hit x2. Compared to flee up that a phreeo card solves the issue, hit x2 you just can’t do anything about it. Maybe add flat hit but I don’t even think its needed because flee itself can’t be broken. Damage x3 from power up you still have 5% chance to die every hit towards you (if its possible to even reach 95% dodge with the high base hit and decay). That way players that want to tag along with their stalker/sinx/cool flee auto-bolter prof could be welcomed in many more parties. Second I think def formula could be tuned again a bit too. The mvp decaying def was needed but the summons decay too much. I don’t think the mvps with lot of summons/crowded area was ever a problem to begin with, it was more because you could tank 1-2 enemies ridiculously easy. So maybe just flag mvp with special def decay, could be even more punishing, but leave summons like normal monsters. If a boss monster is not alone there’s no way def can compete with steel body. Steel body will always be king of tanks with its decay immune ability and its fine like that but I think a few changes could open up a lot of possibilities to make et/gmc runs much more fun and customisable and actively played without ever being as broken and dumb as steel body + gtb is. Any cool build that tro features give us the possibility to achieve is limited to no melee plays for ‘high end’ stuff. I think these ideas are a way to rectify that without overpowering nothing. Maybe stalkers will have it easy for crappy mvps but its not like they would have it as easy as let’s say a champ XD. The goal is not to make melee class unkillable, just to give them a chance to do something instead of being straight impossible to exist outside of farming.
  8. cool guide sir LK rocks so much 😃 when bapho cast EQ twice is because the attack state and chase state cooldown of skills are 2 seperate cooldown. So if you are not on rsx and you get pushed, it will trigger chase state for the time it catches up back to you and if its 'chase EQ' is off cooldown it can cast it twice. You can use this to your advantage if you are tanking and some sissy shows up, make the mvp move and it will most likely cast EQ even if its attack state one is on cooldown. Also what kind of madman are you using angeling for FBH? XD
  9. Well BB has hands down best dps. It has a freaking 1000% damage modifier and it splash, its hard to beat that. But if you prefer auto attack its fine too. RO has pretty cool auto attack mechanics to work with. Its just that if we dont know what OP wants to play we cant really help him build cause its like playing 2 different class when it comes to gear and stat build.
  10. lazy = auto attack as in you just click and start watching while eating popcorn with both hands
  11. Depends if youre BB type or lazy type. The gear and build is quite different.
  12. hello big boy, your armor may not be ideal for an all around build but i think fire armor is just as good as any other tao gunka armor since most of the painful damage in magma is fire. so if you dont plan on changing spot, i wouldnt bother changing your armor unless its a fire armor that you put a tao but thats a bit expensive. I wouldnt plan on switching to BB to farm unless you dont intent to move to tougher place like abyss. For your sanity its better to keep strolling the zerk avenue. BB dps is amazing but unless you kill your target in 2 hits, the randomness of the pushback that iduna brought is not viable anymore for strong monsters, best to save BB for mvping or boss monster that dont get pushed. The only small improvement i can see is your weapon... enchant it !! other than that any other improvement would be in the 8 digits like a cool enchanted armor for tao gunka or cool nike shoes (sleip)
  13. So eddga card overwrite endure skill and i would love if it was the other way around. Eddga is a super cool card, allowing all the class to feel as strong as the mighty swordman, but its detrimental to swordman . The beloved endure skill comes with a super cool 10 mdef bonus but eddga prevents us to use our skill to its full potential that we deserve. If we use endure skill and then switch to eddga we loose the mdef bonus (you loose 9 mdef because eddga card gives 1mdef) despite behind hit or not. If we are wearing eddga and use endure, we dont get any mdef bonus but the skill still goes on cooldown. If its not possible, maybe change the script to something like if user has level 5 endure or higher eddga gives level 5 endure. The way it is now its as if battle hook which enables pierce level 3 would prevent someone with pierce level 10 to use level 3 as highest possible level.
  14. i like the idea of freeing the weapon slot its interesting
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