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  1. Rested EXP Bonus?

    Tro>wow You start earning bonus when you log off your char, anywhere.
  2. Buying nibelungenssss

    Hello, Im interessed in many different carded nibel. I might even be interessed in your funky carded one. Pm your offers with your cards or even clean one =) Thx
  3. Best cards/bonuses for Nibelungen.

    Im at work so i didnt bother much about the build but here it is : Str vit dex (aka the noobies build taking shit load of uneccessary damage) https://calc.talonro.com/?cavbLbibLabbjbhababFeaawweaQfnfnaae5aaaaaaaaahkaawiaaeueFaafbaafhaafqaafqaaaaaaamaaakagaaaaaabkkaaaaaabokaaahIaaaaHaaaabb3bVbZb1 Dps : 24 428 Dex vit str (aka the one used when you know what ur doing) https://calc.talonro.com/?cavbLbibhabbjbLababFeaawweaQfnfnaae5aaaaaaaaahkaawiaaeueFaafbaafhaafqaafqaaaaaaamaaakagaaaaaabkkaaaaaabokaaahIaaaaHaaaabb3bVbZb1 Dps : 27 946 Any bb lk that knows what hes doing will go 150 dex, then 100 total vit (minimum) and the rest goes to str. Have funwith your lk, they rock
  4. Best cards/bonuses for Nibelungen.

    Just spiral pierce, theres no cast delay on bb (aspd base only)
  5. Best cards/bonuses for Nibelungen.

    If you wanna solo mvps like missy, samurai, dark lord, kraken and the others that use flee buf, you will need hit cards because you need around 500 hit for those bad boys. Edit : 1 more thing, you should try dex, vit, str when bbing. Im sure if you swap your dex value with ur str value you would reach higher dps and its not even the main reason ; at 150 dex you are immune to the 2/3 def reduction of bb making you much more tanky. Dex vit str is the way real mens play
  6. Luna Nocturnus > Social / PVM Guild

    Peak is around 3-12 server time but we are world wide so theres always guildies on
  7. Luna Nocturnus > Social / PVM Guild

    Hello @Lunafreya~ is our pro boss. Come brasilis to meet us
  8. Not new, but slow/bad at game and need advice

    Any class is expensive to gear for high end content and stalkers dont play major role for those. Dont worry about it just aim for gear that will make you enjoy playing even more. You mentionned consuming lots of grape juice, maybe gec card would be a nice goal. Lord kaho horns is never a bad goal either. Those 2 items works on any class. About rental items, you can find people on !recruit for hunting board quests and theres always famous tamtam maps to find coins. Enjoy your time on talon
  9. PC> Thanatos Despero Card

    Well its 1tc at guru... i can sell 1m mail Black Metal if u wanna buy.
  10. Luna Nocturnus > Social / PVM Guild

    Meet us in brasilis
  11. How steal works for noobies =)

    Just do some maths =) Imo you should not aim to steal more rings since the % is really low and its not in the first slot items and its not like you can take your sweet time in geffenia. Just go full dex and be happy with mastelas xD
  12. Is this a good SinX DD build?

    At this point youll have to adjust to where you farm. Imo that last build has too little vit because status effect like stun will mean your death /heh. Your gearbukld is fine. Now go out there having fun and adapt stats
  13. Is this a good SinX DD build?

    Yeah its pretty standard build. For fine tuning i would play with agi and dex. -5 agi and +9 dex still gives 190 aspd but 9 dex > 5 agi because of dps, hit, cast time (sometimes ull need to ma when you are getting mobbed) and steal%. The 5 flee you loose aint no biggie because you already have high flee with mystel.
  14. HELP: Sinx Dual Dagger

    Haha of course i'll answer to a fellow sinx. However, dont expect me to comment on stalker, i've got no love for them