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  1. Black Metal

    Halloween Main House Quest Guide

    great job boy
  2. Black Metal

    Nibelungen cards DG farming

    Dtk, you want kiel card to keep sp up because the lvl3 crit wound is super painful. With kaahi buff you wont need supplies as long as hp buffs are on. For dedication change tg for ak but imo the little gain doesnt make up for all the fun you can have anywhere you want with turtle gen.
  3. Black Metal

    Farming as a Paladin

    The kiel you fight in the quest is not that scary. You probably just needed a reduction card in your shield. It doesnt even power up. You can always kite it too but it takes much more time with his constant numa. I prefer to make him safety wall then i could spam sc while meating away the pain. I chose to do it on pally espacially because i was going solo.
  4. Black Metal

    Shield Boomerang Paladin

    hello shield boom without link has a delay of 0.7 sec so around 162-163 aspd is needed to keep with after cast delay. under link that delay goes to 0.35 sec so yeah 184-185 aspd would be best to not be limited by aspd. atk+ cards like bloody knight affects damage, if it doesnt work in tro calc i guess its an error because it works in game. for weapon % modifier will give better results then samurai card
  5. Black Metal

    BB LK Vialable?

    I'll only talk for pvm, they are beasts. Usage is whatever you wanna do, sky is the limit. In my opinion its the only way to play pvm lk since it outclasses any other build, bb dps is broken. Its super fun.
  6. Black Metal

    Quagmire vs MVP Agi up

    It does reduce flee since it reduces agility. Quag is twice as effective under flee up since the agi value is double in the flee calculation. flee under flee up = (level + agi) x 2 so (level + agi - 50) x 2 = under quag level 5 so a flat -20 flee per quag level under flee up
  7. Black Metal

    curious question about artemis

    Well first of you a comparing tg to thana on a 50 def+ monster so no surprise thana wins at double straffing. The thing with sniper that stalker dont have the luxury is the easy acces to crit with sharpshoot and true sight to bypass the def. Thana is still good on some specific situation but 3x tg is still the best for everyday use.
  8. Black Metal

    aspd calculation gone wrong? or what?

    https://wiki.talonro.com/ASPD Not as simple as you'd think. Have fun with the maths
  9. Black Metal


    You dont kill fast enough.
  10. Black Metal

    Quagmire vs MVP Agi up

    Like nattwara said quag doesnt cancel agi up. Its a flat -10 agi per level debuff. Since agi up doubles the agi value of the monster, level 1 quag will reduce its flee by 20...
  11. Black Metal

    Luna Nocturnus > Social / PVM Guild

    Hello @Lunafreya~ is our pro boss. Come brasilis to meet us
  12. Black Metal

    Not new, but slow/bad at game and need advice

    Any class is expensive to gear for high end content and stalkers dont play major role for those. Dont worry about it just aim for gear that will make you enjoy playing even more. You mentionned consuming lots of grape juice, maybe gec card would be a nice goal. Lord kaho horns is never a bad goal either. Those 2 items works on any class. About rental items, you can find people on !recruit for hunting board quests and theres always famous tamtam maps to find coins. Enjoy your time on talon
  13. Black Metal

    PC> Thanatos Despero Card

    Well its 1tc at guru... i can sell 1m mail Black Metal if u wanna buy.
  14. Black Metal

    Luna Nocturnus > Social / PVM Guild

    Meet us in brasilis