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  1. Paladin in Dimensional Gorge

    That patch contain a lot of infos on different change. Worth the read. Contains the def modification too.
  2. Deviling or Raydric is better?

    Deviling is op but need elemental armor or property resist to counter the draw back. Raydric has its use but deviling gives a real noticeable damage reduction. Soooo both are good and you will end up with both at some point anyway
  3. Homunculus leveling

    1 skill point every 3 levels
  4. A couple looking for PvM synergies

    Super novices can definetly kick some mvps butt. I have a super nab friend that impress me everyday. For synergy, i think any class with hp works. My vote goes for lk as you can take on ANYTHING ! Long live the happy couple enjoy tro
  5. What does LK excel at?

    We prefer big boned
  6. What does LK excel at?

    It is more like ws using bapho trying to be as strong mobbers as lk are. When it comes to mobbing dps, it doesnt get any better than gutterless bb. Bapho is for lazy ppl xD
  7. What does LK excel at?

    Yeah i agree. Dear vampires dont spread the bad vamp plague on lks plz
  8. All aegir set is wrong on database. Use !whodrops in game for the correct infos.
  9. What does LK excel at?

    LKs excel at putting a smile on your face while playing
  10. No Monkey Talk

    Best known way of raw zeny farming is a thief class in geffenia. There's a lot of other places to farm for drop reliant gear, using different classes and different build that is better then geffenia in the long run, but of course people dont share they're spot/build or else it becomes a bad spot when more people farm it because supply/demand makes those spot great or bad
  11. Stand Alone Complex (190 int)

    This is renewal mechanics. Classis is simply based on a number of hits before the wall breaks off.
  12. Guide: SINX:How to earn 4.5m+/hr in Geffenia

    Does pharaoh reduce kaahi sp consumption?
  13. elemental converter status

    Hmm weird because i did search before posting mine 1 week ago. I guess i need to read howrah's how to search guide again Anyway i feel you it can be hard to keep track of elements especially when doing party stuff that requires switching 3 times per minute haha
  14. Halloween Event 2017 - School Quest Guide

    Nice cant wait to try it out =)
  15. Geffenia farming Kafra storage

    Not sure but i think it requires bonus bundle