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  1. Black Metal

    Luna Nocturnus > Social / PVM Guild

    Its a love story baby just say yes
  2. Black Metal

    TG/Kiel Carded Weapon for SC Pally

    Glad you enjoy the kiel. In no way 1 kiel card would prevent you from going places that you could only go with a 4x TG weapon. The only downside of not going full damage is that you cant put sissy dps snipers to shame, but who cares they die and you dont. Have fun rocking with your peco 🤘
  3. Black Metal

    How steal works for noobies =)

    Im pretty sure the closest formula is the one kelen brought up and the one used in sealords spreadsheet. In game results should be really close.
  4. Black Metal

    can't summon my plants

    Your plants would drop cc if you summon in tamtam, taking plant cultivation farming to a whole new level. Plus it would make the kill count to summon champion monsters get reached way to easily.
  5. Black Metal

    PvM | Snowdown: Battle Arena

    Thx for hosting it we really had fun. Im proud of my teamates ❤️
  6. Black Metal

    Paladin's Day Out in Rachel's Sanc Lvl 5

    Elemental armors and cards are always lvl 1. Wind armor works much much better than angeling for wind attacks (75% vs 25%) but from what i remember holy cross hurt me a lot . That said its been a while i farmed there maybe wind is better, angeling was just a suggestion. Maybe bring both and try it out what works best.
  7. Black Metal

    Paladin's Day Out in Rachel's Sanc Lvl 5

    Its one trigger for the 5x hits and the trigger will suck sp from the full damage (in otherwords forget about the 5x hit just see this as one hit). Have you tried angeling armor? Its expensive but it reduce damage from all elements and from what i remember the only physical attack that hurt is the holy cross. For biolab farm linked shield boom build works much much better because of the flee up and the fact the ice pick works with shield boom only. You dont really need mdef for biolab, just switch gtb for hw but youll have to holy cross her to death.
  8. Black Metal

    Paladin's Day Out in Rachel's Sanc Lvl 5

    Well depends what you mean by worth because you will loose damage and efficiency even if you use tanee. However not having to worry about sp is priceless. SC has such a huge damage that like what jailbroken said 1 trigger will get you full sp. Sometimes you wont get lucky and wont trigger kiel for 30 SC in a row but overall you wont have to worry about sp because pally have a huge sp pool to handle bad luck with the trigger. Since i went kiel, theres no way ill ever go back to full damage its just too lovely. Im using it on lk but it should be the same for pally. I remember when i used my sc pally even on gec i was running out of sp.
  9. Black Metal

    Paladin's Day Out in Rachel's Sanc Lvl 5

    I should warn you about kiel card, once you taste what it feels like to not worry about supplies, you cant go back to use a regular weapon with grape juice. Its too addictive.
  10. Black Metal

    Knight or Paladin

    lk = hard on pally = just a semi
  11. Black Metal

    Halloween Main House Quest Guide

    great job boy
  12. Black Metal

    Nibelungen cards DG farming

    Dtk, you want kiel card to keep sp up because the lvl3 crit wound is super painful. With kaahi buff you wont need supplies as long as hp buffs are on. For dedication change tg for ak but imo the little gain doesnt make up for all the fun you can have anywhere you want with turtle gen.
  13. Black Metal

    Farming as a Paladin

    The kiel you fight in the quest is not that scary. You probably just needed a reduction card in your shield. It doesnt even power up. You can always kite it too but it takes much more time with his constant numa. I prefer to make him safety wall then i could spam sc while meating away the pain. I chose to do it on pally espacially because i was going solo.
  14. Black Metal

    Shield Boomerang Paladin

    hello shield boom without link has a delay of 0.7 sec so around 162-163 aspd is needed to keep with after cast delay. under link that delay goes to 0.35 sec so yeah 184-185 aspd would be best to not be limited by aspd. atk+ cards like bloody knight affects damage, if it doesnt work in tro calc i guess its an error because it works in game. for weapon % modifier will give better results then samurai card
  15. Black Metal

    BB LK Vialable?

    I'll only talk for pvm, they are beasts. Usage is whatever you wanna do, sky is the limit. In my opinion its the only way to play pvm lk since it outclasses any other build, bb dps is broken. Its super fun.