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  1. Let's show our Vanilmirths!

    I think you just need to halve the hp and sp to make it work on a regular calculator
  2. Jewelcrafting and Enchanting

    Thx for sharing your results, your picture suits you
  3. Newbie Farming for new rogue

    https://wiki.talonro.com/Abbreviations#M This will be your best bud if you are new
  4. Guide: SINX:How to earn 4.5m+/hr in Geffenia

    Well zeny/h rate is affected by lots of factors. 4.5m is definetly not a bait but a goal you should aim for. Sometimes you'll do less sometimes you'll do more. If you farm at 22h server time during week days when geffenia is empty (as empty as geffenia can get) you can even reach 6m/10 kaahi run with a bit of luck and a lot of cafeine running in your veins.
  5. How steal works for noobies =)

    The thing with doddler is that you can only rely to it on a 100% drop chance item with drop rate at 1x and the item must be on first slot or the results wont be the same since we cant adjust it to 3x tro drop rates.
  6. can anyone share what mvp can sinx solo kill

    Its very hard to kill mvp with sinx, even harder with dd build. You want to stay away from mvp using power up because hit x 2 = dead. Heavy magic user mvps should be avoided too. If you really wanna do it dd auto you should avoid flee up ones too unless you invest on heavy hit gear but thats a lot of money spend to be not effective. Your best bet for armor is using element to counter the scariest skills. I would not recommend dd sinx for mvping. Katar would already be better because crit works on agi up mvp. Maybe you can try dark lord with fire armor and hope to dodge dark blessing and hell judgement but im not even sure 1 phreo is enough to hit.
  7. How steal works for noobies =)

    omg thx a lot for sharing ive been looking for the exact formula since the wiki one aint 100% accurate, this explains why steal level has a greater impact than what the formula from wiki says. more maths incoming
  8. Luna Nocturnus > Social / PVM Guild

    @zozoki sure meet us in brasilis
  9. Dagger of Edda - The Hunt Begins!!!

    these 2 are both for hat quests, soul ring and wanderers sakkat
  10. SC pally is super fun but i wouldnt say OP. Sure you can take on any mvps that a champ can solo however it takes forever to kill. Strong mvps like kiel takes like 10-15 mins to kill + set up the fight. If a champ comes its game over for you.
  11. Soulbreak and Incantation Samurai Cards

    @Shendel @Thorhall Without IS SBK : 16 681 to 17 834 Without IS MA : 5 131 to 6088 With IS SBK : 17 174 to 19 940 With IS MA : 6 245 to 6720
  12. Soulbreak and Incantation Samurai Cards

    Source : trust me bro Ill glady do it when i get home.
  13. Soulbreak and Incantation Samurai Cards

    IS works with sbk and ma now. Check the database script. If one work, other items with same script will.
  14. A Guide to Zeny: Make Your Own Blue Potions [No Gears]

    Npc : 2 herbs = 1 pot and fingers stay healthy Bio : 1 herb = 1 pot but fingers will die
  15. Guide: SINX:How to earn 4.5m+/hr in Geffenia

    Just to be clear deviling is much more usefull than LoD in geffenia. I use LoD because i dont need devi to survive and the +10 vit is nice. No need gps because 97 vit gives silence immune and 194 int + vit gives blind immunity. With your build you still need to carry them but you are not likely to get silenced a lot with high vit.