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  1. ItsHiana

    Distorted Screen Crasg

    nah im good the problem was the trouble shooting voodoo like? that. thats the problem
  2. ItsHiana

    Distorted Screen Crasg

    Now this time it works but in pixelated ... soooooo yeah! look at this how can i play in my full graphics? So do i have tp update my direct X?
  3. ItsHiana

    Distorted Screen Crasg

    But my friend recommended that thing to me too but nothing happens... it just turns to worsier shapes like that hahahah
  4. ItsHiana

    Distorted Screen Crasg

    So i'ts been a while since i played TalonRO. Everything works fine but when i clicked the Start Button This thing appears followed by somes error and pop ups. Yeah yeah! i know i know! what are you going to suggest me. Yes my driver is Updated. Yes i checked for kRO setup (can't find one) AND YES I REDOWNLOAD IT IN FULL VERSION Please someone help me? Im really desperate to play TalonRO again. Thank you!