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  1. Am seeing double! Howdy toad men, do you hail from this part of town?



  2. ♔ Ghz does Fashion Event ♔16.01.17 - 20.01.17 1000 GMT 1100 server time 1800 PH time Head over to our FB page for details
  3. When GhZ H.O.D (Heads of departments) get together and talk about important matters.


  4. Ghz H.O.D (heads of department) aka Marshal aka Council meetings.Subjects talked about:-Woe, improvements on woe line up and classes -pvm, pvp, bg and furture events -loyalty to the guild -roles (who will be leading events) -guild recruitment
  5. Marshal meeting is happening now! Please see me for warp near payon mail box.
  6. Or when you move from one room to another and the temperature changes, glasses fog up ! And you end up walking around semi blind in hopes that your muscle memory can save you
  7. Ghz does Hide n Seek event - winners will be announced on our fb page
  8. Don't forget to check out Ghz fb page for Ghz January scheduled events
  9. You!!! Need to stop writing so proper ... getting to many likes from me! ... /lv

    1. Ed Stampede

      Ed Stampede

      Not that it deserves my savagery.

    2. +Karen+


      Well we both know that low quality meat needs to be treated savagely or else it'll give you a tummy ache :P

  10. Yes yes! All new blood report to the payon mail ... bwahahaha and so the offering begins
  11. Happy new year fellow Talonians! I hope that 2017 will be a fruitful year for you all /lv

  12. Admin Seiren! Happy new year /lv/gawi

    1. GM Seiren

      GM Seiren

      Thank you! A very happy new year to you, too :)

  13. Day 7 of the popograich quest was worth every headache moment! The costume headgears are super cute!/lv 

  14. Honestly, these complaints about the Poporich event is ridicules.

    The Admin/GM team didn't have to do this, they could have just spent their Xmas enjoying what xmas is about but no! They chose to do something nice for us the community and here you players are complaining about this event. 

    Do the quest, don't do the quest, stop complaining about trivial things. 

    This is the quest. This is the rules. This is how it's done. End of story. 

    Be thankful to those who have taken their TIME (time they will never get back) to give you a experience and a chance to get your hands on some amazing stuff.

    please note this isn't a rant, just my personal view for I have not had a problem with this event nor has any of my guild members that I know of.

    Thank you Admin Boreas for reconsidering that Matchstick item ... would have been quite an interesting experience to gather such an item. 

    1. GM Seiren

      GM Seiren

      Haha, no worries! There will always be complaints, no matter what. We're used to much worse throughout all these years~

      From what I can see, majority of the players is enjoying the event which is all we could wish for :)

    2. +Karen+


      Polite as always, Admin Seiren


      People just need to be understanding and adapt to decision made from the Admin team! Am not saying we should all follow like sheeps and if something needs to be addressed then do it with some form of etiquette. Instead of raging animals because using foul words and phrases is really going to get you what seek. /dum.... try again buddy lol.

    3. Liv