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  1. When Bee greets you at the door ~ ET run w/Ghz /lvscreenTalonRO602.jpg

  2. Ghz Does ET 29.01.17 Thanks @Bobitofor organizing
  3. Thank you for making my first Yule Ball a Memorable one, love the sound tack and lol PPAP remix, soooooooooooo gooooood! [
  4. Capturing the moment!

    Thank Ghz for party /lv! Cleared ET in 1he 50min ~




  5. Ghz Does ET 22.01.17 - 1hr 50min When the guild wants to do a 07:00am GMT ET run
  6. A game of chess, my King? Make your move. /lv

    1. Ed Stampede

      Ed Stampede

      Setup a long table and have great dinner with the bishops,  the knights, the rooks, the queen and the pawns.

    2. +Karen+


      Ah, I see! That's the statergy /gg

  7. Normally between 0800-1600 server time, there should be someone around to greet you. ---- On a different note, thank you everyone who joined "Ghz does fashion event" it will be a tough choice picking our winner! But remember if you don't win this time, there's always next month Next week "Ghz does trivia" event has been cxl and will be replaced with a new event called "guess that password", stay up to date with the latest events on our fb page!
  8. screenTalonRO483.jpg



    1. +Karen+


      That little Demon doesn't look to happy /heh

    2. Ed Stampede
  9. Ok try this! forum page, top right click the arrow next to your name, a drop down box should appear, find where it says "account setting". On the left hand side you should see a few options, make sure you are on the "Overview" option. now on the overview page you should see "display name" "email address" etc, look to your far right of the page and find "edit profile", this should open up another page marked as "edit profile" On the edit profile box you should see under birthday day "enable status update" if this is gray that means you have not allowed status update, simply click the little button next to it and it should go green. Once done scroll all the way down and save your changes. Now you should be able to post status updates Side note: one would consider this as the "long way" but if you want to know how to get the best out of your forum page, then the long way is the best way.
  10. Good morning @Vernz Anything you post on any topic on the forums will pop up on your profile page, under activity section. If you want to write a status update like on fb, then simply head over to your forum profile and something like this should appear; You can also share photos this way as well. I hope this answer is what you was seeking! Regards Karen
  11. Just going to leave this here .....
  12. Rules to abide by. we hang out south of payon drop by and one of the marshals will be able to invite you to the guild. Please note also you may get inviewed.
  13. Following on from -Sugar- reply, you would have only been kicked from our guild if you've broken our golden rule OR after being warned from the senior members of the guild, you continued to be an a**hole. Oh btw congratulations fellow GHZ members for your win this woe! Although it was a tough one, and like every guild we do face our own challenges but am proud to be apart of a passionate and caring family, who in turn always looks after their own !
  14. Am seeing double! Howdy toad men, do you hail from this part of town?



  15. ♔ Ghz does Fashion Event ♔16.01.17 - 20.01.17 1000 GMT 1100 server time 1800 PH time Head over to our FB page for details