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  1. Thank you for making my first Yule Ball a Memorable one, love the sound tack and lol PPAP remix, soooooooooooo gooooood! [
  2. Words can't describe how happy I am right now to have won such an event. Thank you GM team for picking my entry as your winner, for the time and effort you have placed into this event. Thank you to my beloved Ghz memebers who had faith in me and congratulations to my fellow tRO members who have also won . and to those who also took part in this event, each and everyone one of you did an amazing job and you should all be proud of yourselves. .
  3. @Yhonona - omg this is so cute looking
  4. Lol Mimi! This made me laugh a little ... I had a moment where I imagined you pressing your face against the computer screen trying to eat the food and with those Neko Neko ears ... cute points +10
  5. Thank you GM Mimi ! This is the first time I've entered this contest and I had so much fun!
  6. † Niflheim Melancholy Dish † † RUN! Run my Lord don't let them catch you again, it pains me to see you like this, please ... My lord. † ???: Are you lost little Lamb Sakura Hime: (whispers) Wh- who's there. ???: Are you lost little Lamb Sakura Hime: Why can't I see you, it's so dark and cold ???: How does a child of God end up in such a place like this, do you wish for me to claim your soul? Sakura Hime: If I am going to die by your hands, tell me who you are first. ???: Talonians call me Lord of Death and I roam this town they call Niflheim. Sakura Hime: Nif ... Niflheim? Lord of Death: It's been while since a Demi Human has come to this town, the Goddess Hel will find your soul to be quite an interesting one. A chilling wind surround my body and there he was, Deaths chilling face, so cold and soulless Lord of Death: Are you not scared, little Lamb. Tears run down my face, such pain and sadness. I reach out with both hands to touch his face. Sakura Hime: Even in darkness and chaos you should always try to find the stars. Lord of Death: Whispers in the wind tells me that the Talonian Gods are holding a cooking contest, it has been quite a while since I have tasted good meal. ††† ††† How to create Niflheim Melancholy Main Dish Niflheim Melancholy Dessert ††† I hope this satisfy my Lord needs ††† Extra Challenge included Follow up dessert Interesting background/ Story Dish is base on a regional in game theme. (Niflheim Town) This has been quite a fun and creative experience and I hope I did everything correctly, can't wait to see what everyone else creates <3
  7. Np! Glad to help. @GM Mimi - in regards to social media challenge bonus, in order to active this would we have to post on all three social media platforms?
  8. Ikr! Am stuck on that part as well but I think I've worked something out? XD ... if we base it on a RO monster like Krown did or Town/City it should be ok? Like for example when you think of Payon ... you think of archers ... what kind of food would archers eat while in training ... payon is also surround by a lot of forrests ... so maybe you can do like a BBQ dish and some how tie it in to payon? Also think of the monsters in th area ... lots of those spore, porings, elder wood, maybe you can consider sculpting food into those monsters like GM Cherri did in her example? I've taken two weeks to careful plan mine out and I start cooking tomorrow! Try not to stress out to much about it as long you have fun during the process then you'll be just fine =]!
  9. Am so excited about this event! Chef hat on, creative cogs turning ... fire up the oven because death waits for no one!
  10. Oh wow! Amazing! This event sounds quite fun Just to clarify a few things, basically we have to create a dish that is tRO related/themed, a step by step guide will need to be written on how we created this dish and also the ingredients used plus measurements/ temperature settings (if baking). Your name will need to be handwritten somewhere in the picture as proof that the dish was your creation. We can also earn more TC if we also include one or more? of the GM challenges.
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