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  1. I can do a team with beta test too. Same time as Rift okay? 6PM server time or 7pm. Either works. Saturday would work better, but we can make Sunday work as well.
  2. I will be out of town on the date of the event, so my group won't make it either.
  3. Can I do the 7:30 slot again please? :'D
  4. This story is so creative. I think the GMs will appreciate that. xD You did a really good job with this criteria: "▲ Keep a connection to tRO in mind. Don't just make a normal dish and give it an RO name - there must be a clear tRO theme and explain the connection if it isn't immediately obvious." I can look at your dish and tell that it's RO-related. It seems a few other people have ignored this bit, so good job!
  5. Day 25: Xmas Frozen Twin Pompom Costume A little off-theme, but I'll take it.
  6. Will there be a redo for day 16? or just one less gift?
  7. First of all, I already claimed the item, so that doesn't help. Secondly, I have no desire to interact with anyone on Facebook.
  8. Is there any way we could get the non-consumable items to weigh 0 or make them sell-able to NPC? One of my accounts is crammed full in terms of storage and I want to get rid of that Santa Hat, but can't. :x
  9. Gifts: Day 1 -- Field Manual 25% (duration of 30 minutes) Day 2 -- Int+8 food (Royal Family Tea) Day 3 -- Str+8 food (Bearfoot Special) Day 4 -- Dex+8 food (Special Toast) Day 5 -- Christmas Firecracker Box Day 6 -- Santa Hat Day 7 -- Yggdrasil Berry Day 8 -- Yggdrasil Seed Day 9 -- Guarana Candy Day 10 -- Snownow Hat Costume Day 11 -- 3x Level 5 Assumptio Scroll Day 12 -- 2x Lord of Vermillion Scroll (Level 10) Day 13 -- Field Manual 25% (duration of 30 minutes) Day 14 -- 3x Lex Aeterna Scroll Day 15 -- 3x Magnificat Scroll (Level 5) Day 16 -- 1x Apple Day 17 -- 2x Santa's Bag Day 18 -- 25x Piece of Cake Day 19 -- 2x Fortune of the Dog (Increases HP by 20% for Swordman/Thief/Merchant and 10% for other classes for 30 minutes) Day 20 -- 3x Yggdrasil Berry Day 21 -- 2x Fortune of the Rabbit (Increases Flee by 50 for 30 minutes) Day 22 -- Field Manual 25% (duration of 30 minutes) Day 23 -- 2x Fortune of the Snake (Increases max SP by 10% except for Monk class which gets 10% HP instead for 30 minutes) Day 24 -- Xmas Frozen Twin Pompom Costume
  10. Is there a list of all the obtainable items from this event somewhere?
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