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  1. Seals Service - From Aldebaran with Love <3

    seal quest done.. thanks..
  2. Seals Service - From Aldebaran with Love <3

    How much is a complete seal service?
  3. One-hand Sword Zerk LK

    @Milo i am also planning to buy an ice pick in the future (because right now i'm focused in farming for carded sleip).. not discrediting your suggestion but i already tried farming in geffenia with vf, but the zeny per hour is better (for me) in magma dun02, and also have a higher chance of getting (for me also) rosary[1] than ring[1] in geffenia. and also when going to geffenia i use bathory armor.. the FA[tgk] is for magma dun02. @Lamia Its good to see an LK going for boss hunts, very inspiring ehehe... can i ask what weapon are you using on mvps that you hunt? so that i have a general idea on what to do..
  4. One-hand Sword Zerk LK

    >Vanberk with violet fear is not needed if your mobbing, because with four mobs, 2 or 3 hits are enough to proc ignore def, of course with bapho. >I think it's better to put Bapho, Phreeoni on VF. Because missing on mobs really sucks, as compare to having a phreeoni card. (specially on geffenia, high flee rate mobs + blind) less damage but 100% hit on mobs > greater damage but missing 9 out 10 (6 out 10 even) >and i think 1 hand zerk setup is only good for mvp hunt or pvp. still best to farm with a two-handed weapon, because the higher the damage/ DPS, the faster your accumulate loots. >gec on berzerk eliminates or lessen the need for sp pots. it also gives some kind of protection when rezerking on aggressive monsters infested map. imagine you character selected in a safe area then re-logging in with a monster waiting to kill you with 1 hit. i also considered having DL or lady tanee boots, but i having a gec while farming for a carded sleip is much more economical and versatile (for BB). btw i am farming on a berserker setup at the moment but still maintaining my BB setup equip (magma setup) bb setup https://calc.talonro.com/?cavbLbibJaObzaDabacEdaapfehEhEaaaae5aaaaaaaaahkaawifZukg4aalygwlIgZnLh9vsaaeeeeambkbkkgaaakakabokaaadjaaaaHacaaa berzerk setup https://calc.talonro.com/?cavbLbibLabbzaYabacEdaapfgaTaSaaaae5aaaaaaaaahkaawifZukg4gulygwlIgZqreavsaaeaeeambkbkkgffbkakaaabaaadjaaaaHaaaaa i will try to farm for this 1 hand setup for mvp or pvp https://calc.talonro.com/?cavbLbibzaYbzaNababHcaaj3haTaSaaaalnaccaaaaaahkaawihLukjUgulygwlIgZvsaalZeaeaeeamkkbfagffbaaaaaabaaaa2aaaaHaaaaa ps just sharing my thoughts. and also do self buffs like aura blade , concentration disperse when equipping GTB shields??
  5. One-hand Sword Zerk LK

    i've been looking for a guide that will enable me to mvp hunt with my LK.. with this equip setup... i think i'ts doable... i'll try raise enough money to try this build... https://calc.talonro.com/?cavbLbibIabbya4abadHcaaj3haTaQaaaaljaccaaaaaahkaawihLukjUgulygwlIgZvsaatvgXeaehamkkafagffbaaaaaabaaaa2aaaaHaaaaa
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    sigrun wings [vanberk] str = 16m???
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  9. 2016 Garage Sale

    +4 Lucius [INT+2] [TGK], how much??
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