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  1. imstuck

    Ask The Person Below You Anything

    coming from a perennial latecomer (in school & work). I'd still run. btw i passed difcal by remedial (3.0) and intcal (2.5), just sharing.. Q: Are you willing to start a new career in exchange for your current one? salary wise old one pays around 2000 to 2700 usd at my current experience and the new is civil engineering jobs related. And im 27 yrs old.
  2. Thanks for the instant reply..
  3. On the wiki it is said that you only need to equip the SQI to get the SQI bonus quest, does that mean you can just buy a SQI without crafting but can still get to have the SQI bonus quest? Or it is required to craft SQI in order to have the SQI bonus??
  4. PC> +7 VF [SgSg] FS5, FS5 or better...
  5. imstuck

    Seals Service - From Aldebaran with Love <3 [OPEN]

    seal quest done.. thanks..
  6. imstuck

    Seals Service - From Aldebaran with Love <3 [OPEN]

    How much is a complete seal service?
  7. imstuck

    One-hand Sword Zerk LK

    @Milo i am also planning to buy an ice pick in the future (because right now i'm focused in farming for carded sleip).. not discrediting your suggestion but i already tried farming in geffenia with vf, but the zeny per hour is better (for me) in magma dun02, and also have a higher chance of getting (for me also) rosary[1] than ring[1] in geffenia. and also when going to geffenia i use bathory armor.. the FA[tgk] is for magma dun02. @Lamia Its good to see an LK going for boss hunts, very inspiring ehehe... can i ask what weapon are you using on mvps that you hunt? so that i have a general idea on what to do..
  8. imstuck

    One-hand Sword Zerk LK

    >Vanberk with violet fear is not needed if your mobbing, because with four mobs, 2 or 3 hits are enough to proc ignore def, of course with bapho. >I think it's better to put Bapho, Phreeoni on VF. Because missing on mobs really sucks, as compare to having a phreeoni card. (specially on geffenia, high flee rate mobs + blind) less damage but 100% hit on mobs > greater damage but missing 9 out 10 (6 out 10 even) >and i think 1 hand zerk setup is only good for mvp hunt or pvp. still best to farm with a two-handed weapon, because the higher the damage/ DPS, the faster your accumulate loots. >gec on berzerk eliminates or lessen the need for sp pots. it also gives some kind of protection when rezerking on aggressive monsters infested map. imagine you character selected in a safe area then re-logging in with a monster waiting to kill you with 1 hit. i also considered having DL or lady tanee boots, but i having a gec while farming for a carded sleip is much more economical and versatile (for BB). btw i am farming on a berserker setup at the moment but still maintaining my BB setup equip (magma setup) bb setup https://calc.talonro.com/?cavbLbibJaObzaDabacEdaapfehEhEaaaae5aaaaaaaaahkaawifZukg4aalygwlIgZnLh9vsaaeeeeambkbkkgaaakakabokaaadjaaaaHacaaa berzerk setup https://calc.talonro.com/?cavbLbibLabbzaYabacEdaapfgaTaSaaaae5aaaaaaaaahkaawifZukg4gulygwlIgZqreavsaaeaeeambkbkkgffbkakaaabaaadjaaaaHaaaaa i will try to farm for this 1 hand setup for mvp or pvp https://calc.talonro.com/?cavbLbibzaYbzaNababHcaaj3haTaSaaaalnaccaaaaaahkaawihLukjUgulygwlIgZvsaalZeaeaeeamkkbfagffbaaaaaabaaaa2aaaaHaaaaa ps just sharing my thoughts. and also do self buffs like aura blade , concentration disperse when equipping GTB shields??
  9. imstuck

    One-hand Sword Zerk LK

    i've been looking for a guide that will enable me to mvp hunt with my LK.. with this equip setup... i think i'ts doable... i'll try raise enough money to try this build... https://calc.talonro.com/?cavbLbibIabbya4abadHcaaj3haTaQaaaaljaccaaaaaahkaawihLukjUgulygwlIgZvsaatvgXeaehamkkafagffbaaaaaabaaaa2aaaaHaaaaa
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    sigrun wings [vanberk] str = 16m???
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    2016 Garage Sale

    +4 Lucius [INT+2] [TGK], how much??
  14. imstuck