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  1. TalonRO's Winter Lottery

    28 IGN: Jiyeong
  2. Mayura's art shop

    I would like a chibi sprite slot please
  3. Thank you Furutsu for your cute work! I love it <3
  4. Slot for Chibi please! Will PM details!
  5. Arcelle + Mistreil's Art Shop Thing

    Hello! First time posting here and just to say, you two have very cute and lively art styles *__* *fangirls a little* I would like to request for a Chibi slot from Arcelle - I'll PM you the details if it's available! c:
  6. Meme Contest Event

    IGN: Roziel Good luck to everyone!
  7. Priest question.

    Hey, I don't know where you got the idea that 'a priest has to be funded to go to abbey' but I've been randomly invited to abbey parties when I'm not geared (like Cotton shirt and Mace un-geared). Parties seek mainly priests for their buffs and heals, from what I've experienced. Also, the Abbey quest may seem tedious but it's really worth to complete it for a priest (as a few has said)! As a suggestion, you can make another attacker and work from there, that's what I did. P.S. I haven't been playing for long. So you can do it too