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  1. In the past, if we needed more time to set up shop, we could log out and log back in to reset the ten minute timer, so that we would not get booted out of the vending spot while we are in the middle of setting up shop. I have also made the mistake of clicking outside the dialogue box when checking @ws and moving items into the vending box. In this instance, my character moved out of the vending spot, so I would have to go back and click on the officer to be put back in a spot. With the updates, I incur a fifteen minute penalty if I try to reposition myself in a new spot. One day, I misclicked and after ten minutes of penalty I got dc'ed on my second attempt, and I was forced to wait another twenty minutes for a spot. I liked it better when we didn't have a penalty. Or if the character could be fixed in place once opening the vending box that would at least solve half the problem.
  2. For those of us who love our whispers, allowing whisper to be upgraded to giant whisper with an added flee bonus would be a nice addition. Thanks.
  3. I got one, too, the other day. I would like to know its use as well.
  4. Thank goodness for 'greed'!
  5. IGN: Rienley
  6. I don't recommend high orcs because you will be spamming pots. Many people suggest them, but I don't think they are not the best mob for blacksmith. I like mobs that I can flee, so I usually put more into agi early on, so that I make more from drops than I spend on pots. I used only red pots until level 70 thanks to enough agi. I recommend at least 50, but slowly build up str, dex, and vit as well. In my case, I prefer the toy factory for mid levels because myst cases give decent xp and the damage is manageable. Sunken ship is great to mid sixties, so I recommend one of the first things to get is VVS wind axe like Lozaki's wind axe. It has served me well. Put points into dex early on, so you can hit whispers. In my case, I farmed the whisper tame item there to get whisper and trained it to loyal, so that I could get the +7 flee bonus. I also use the wolf's hat to add another +10 flee, so that alleviates the burden of buying pots as well. After all, blacksmiths are supposed to make money, not spend it. Also, poison spores frequently drop karvodailnirol. Hydras drop detrimindexta for making hair dye. VVS wind is great because it also can be used for Comodo dungeon, thara frogs and hydras, and can later be used for Biblian. You can level in B4 on phens. Swordfish's magic attack is dangerous to blacksmiths because of their low int and marcs can be tough, so be careful in that area. But marine spheres drop chains which you can upgrade and put hydra cards in later. Phen cards and marc cards are also worth a pretty penny, The second axe you will need is an epsilon. They can be expensive, but I got a 2 mil card drop and saved another mil from farming and selling hair dye and whatever people were rapidly buying (some guy was buying resins for 700 zeny each). I waited until the price dropped to 3 mil and bought it. The epsilon is good for sphinx, hunting matyrs and requiems. The pyramid is also good for hunting mummies and verits, also valuable card drops. I am still hoping to get an isis card drop for 30% shadow element reduction, but I haven't been so lucky. ; ; Next, you'll want a VVS fire axe. I recently found that Einbech dungeon is a great place to level from the mid 70s to 80s. Toxic gas is a frequent drop here as well as steel and coal. Supposedly, you can sell toxic gas for 6,500 each, but I haven't sold any yet. The coal mine F3 is a good place to hunt skeleton workers and mysts. Again, you can use the epsilon or a fire axe is okay against skeleton workers. I got a great pickaxe drop from a skeleton worker which is the second best pickaxe to mine with. At this point, I started working on my mining skill, which should yield some good items later. There are also a lot of steel and coal drops there as well. You can buy an ice axe to hunt in magma in the 80s. Kahos are fairly easy to kill and give massive xp. I usually avoid the other mobs, especially lava golems. You can also horde other people's drops that they leave lying around for the taking. Greed skill is useful here to pick up loot before being devoured by mobs like lava golem spawning on top of you. All in all, the epsilon has been my best weapon because it can be used in so many places. You can quick warp to Niflheim and cart rev ludes and hylozoists then tele back to Prontera, doctor up, and do it again. I got a lot of xp that way. I don't have advice for the 90s because I just created my blacksmith on Talon RO a couple of weeks ago, so I guess I will be figuring that out as well. I will probably buy an earth axe next and go hunting! Good luck to you!
  7. price check baby desert wolf card