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  1. NeoArtS

    apa indihome sekarang main harus pake vpn?

    pas dah masuk login screen vpn nya di off
  2. NeoArtS

    Weird freeze during loading screen

    for me that kind of thing happen if i stay at some map doing nothing like afk (if you system priority normal your pc will alocate ram to run tro to other app so when suddenly you awake and teleport to other map it will frezee because lag memory) that what happen IN MY CASE
  3. NeoArtS

    Nameless quest glitched

    for the last part you must done rachel sanctuary quest first so you can continue
  4. NeoArtS

    Super Novice [Magic] : Mavka Farming Guide

    hmm i can hold many mob because i focus not only my agi for flee and also yg hard def (left def at stat from equip- note right side from vit not much help diff calculation) the point is i learn from 99 def paladin it give 90% reduce because have 99def so it mean high def = high reduce so i refine all my equip sn to +7 and also i have 2 brising that add 10 def so my total hard def 64 (if my calculation correct that around 50% reduce) <-- about this calculation i not sure for number but high def = reduce damage it for sure -------- btw i have few more word for pros lol SN can equip all lvl 4 equip with help soul linker (novice link) even SQI like SOM (staff of magi), mjolnir, evangalist, djinn, ghost dancer and SN can equip all type of headger (that include gunslinger SQI scouter) SN can have 150 total dex even without LKH (you must have all the buff, agi , bless, attent cont and +10 all stat from novice link) And the rest benefit like Fury (you can see at wiki about SN about this) +50% crit rate also SN have 2 live when already lvl 99 , when dead u can still live just like using ka buff from soul linker but you lost +10 all stat
  5. NeoArtS

    Super Novice [Magic] : Mavka Farming Guide

    about this i 50% agree and 50% not for this part not budget friendly it wrong because SN equip buy from npc if you said card or end game equip expensive it work for all class not only SN and can die easily it yes for starter because low equipment and stat point, but if you already have high lvl equipment for example dex increase card or equipment you can try alocate your dex stat to agi and learn increase doge (with agi up and attent cont) it help you when mob, i doing that for my mage SN
  6. NeoArtS

    Butuh guild/community INDONESIA

    ga sempet pulang dr kerjaan dah malam nungguin si bos ngobrol dl sama ceramah
  7. NeoArtS

    Butuh guild/community INDONESIA

    laptop rusak pc rusak semua rusak di HDD wkwk ini nyolong2 login pake laptop toko
  8. NeoArtS

    Why can't I sell to buying vendor

    but yesterday i got blue herb sell at 1500z and there someone want buy for 1850z , when i try it success
  9. NeoArtS

    [ask] necro card effect

    hello, i want to ask for necro card effect for " Add a 2% Magical Defense bypass" is this effect work for AOE magic or only single target magic? thanks
  10. NeoArtS

    Why can't I sell to buying vendor

    maybe that because vendor weight already limit, because if vendor not enough money to buy usually system said not enough zenny to buy
  11. NeoArtS

    SN fury

    for guarantee success get 99.999.999 exp at select char screen, it show your SN exp
  12. NeoArtS

    halp mi pls

    super novice
  13. NeoArtS

    questions about Tracking

    it reduce but between % reduce cast time and dex cast time very different and cant use together to reach IC
  14. NeoArtS


    minimal ada char tetap ini tiap kali ol beda char beda nick terus