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  1. long time not wonder around forum post 🤩

  2. Merry Christmas guy /fsh

    1. NeoArtS


      and happy new year /heh

  3. i think i need to make new class job

  4. already start you can click day 1 calender
  5. im back again

  6. gimana caranya login .. aku gk bisa logi tapi udah download Talonro Neo .. pliss Help me


    1. NeoArtS


      harus pake vpn , banyakan provider di indo ngeblok tro, cek di post forum bagian indonesia dah byk yg share dan bahas

    2. NeoArtS


      cek di forum ini


  7. o.0 when chinese new year, lol this year abit late? usually end of year
  8. no halloween? or it just late?

    1. GM Howl

      GM Howl

      You never know when the Halloween spirit will strike! /ok

  9. my twin pompom from last time accidently sold to npc
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