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  1. Yeah i have already tried updating all my drivers, tried it once again now. Everything is up to date. Problem still seems to persist.
  2. Hi all, I have been facing a certain problem while playing talonRo. The screen freezes up often, and i have to alt tab and come back to the game to unfreeze it. SOmetimes a simple alt tab fixes it, sometimes, the game crashes saying "talonro.exe has been prohibited from accessing the graphics card" or something along those lines. The problem doesnt seem to occur for any of my other games, has anyone else reported such an issue, any known solution for it? It seems to get aggravated when i have more than one client open too.... Is it a multiclienting issue? Or is it a graphics card issue? Any insight u could give me into the problem would be greatly appreciated thank you !
  3. Fragstealer

    S> +10 MG DDTP

    Have a +10 Main Gauche DoppleDoppleTurtgenPhree for sale.... Mail me/PM at "Lord Rapier" in game
  4. Hi Guys i have an Alice wig COstume i wanna sell ! Can trade for gears too !! Leave reply and Ingame name if interested Thanks
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