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  1. PS: IM A BRAZILLIAN SOO MY MENSSAGES GONNA BE IN PORTUGUESE, ALSO SORRY FOR MY TERRIBLE ENGLISH, I HOPE THIS POST HELP U SOMEHOW ENGLISH: ''Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file error''. I found two ways to solve this problem, the first one is by allowing the program on your antivirus, or turning it off, you can also try to set your firewall off. The second way that I found is by being the adm on your computer user, and having the 100% admin control: Then you need to allow the 100% control: Great, NOW PAY ATTENTION, YOU GONNA NEED TO REPEAT THE NEXT STEP EVERYTIME YOU WANT TO PLAY: Write CMD, then open it as admin. Write ''at 13:30 /interactive cmd'' , now press enter. Now logoff your user, and then log again, your rag should open normally. Portugues: Você nescessitara do user como admin, e o controle total do mesmo, seguindo os passos das imagens acima Em seguida vc necessita abrir o cmd como admin, la digita ''at 13:30 /interactive cmd'' e aperte enter. Faça o logoff e depois entre novamente, seu rag devera abrir normalmente ps: Admins I didn't knew where to put this post, soo if I'm on the wrong place, please move my post, I also hope this post help some people that have the same problem as I had, if fixed please coment here soo more people can know about it.