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  1. Pick Auto guard 7 - will help you a lot
  2. 2x SG VF w. Fighting spirit to sell pm me
  3. .. it is happening. The shadows arise and darkness will fall upon every mvp and dungeon
  4. Nah. You dun need luck. With half of the equipment you can solo there easily. have fun
  5. I smell fear. ... something is rising. ..
  6. Oh yeah right. You are bound to your hunters. But I thought that was clear cuz class specific ty sir
  7. But you can buy two sqis per account but not with one char
  8. Heya what about a smoother structure of subforums in this forum? For example the class related subforums are sometimes really tiresome to browse. I - as many of us- am full time working and I've really few time to read forums. And it's kinda annoying searching for special topics for scholar/smith and pally because the class forums have merged merchant classes and so. Also counting for the sale forum. There are times you need to browse a page just full of leeching services. I think that will make reading more efficient and will help newcomers to find their topic easier.
  9. Yeah will try to be there more often but at beginning of the school term me has to organize a lot bc of conferences and preparing pupils for their final exams
  10. I hope to see you soon once I can play again and irl doesn't keep me busy
  11. Super busy irl but leaving a bump here
  12. Höhö chastity and purity are not known by me
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