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  1. Found another one from basic box -its animated
  2. New Pro Box Costume Citrus Ribbon ID: 21263 mid costume
  3. Yep, I would advise doing Manuela’s quest ( talking to npcs ) to get your novice gear, leveling until level 26 and then completing eden quests for free gear. Ask around if you need help finding where or how to start Eden quests. There is also a guide on the forums. ign: Sekyria
  4. Hey, welcome back. I’m xKierax or Sekyria usually a blue colored character with blue hair. 1. There are a couple beginner guilds out there such as Za Fashion Police’s Little Smiles that can help reintroduce you to the game and where to start. You’ve probably gotten a little bit done since youve started. After you get your characters going you can look for more advanced play friendly guilds such as sempipatenal (i forgot the spelling) in Deweta. 2. If youre currently lacking capital to create a farming smith, i’d suggest two ways of making a farm character: a. cross trans (level something easy like hunter or priest -> stalker, sinx, sniper or LK) b. start with a thief, archer or knight and use multiple clients for various benefits ( sage elemental endow, priest agi bless, merchant overcharge loot) either way making multiple chars on different accounts that can support your main farmer can help boost your early farming potential 3. Vote points is a 1 to 1 conversion of copper coins obtained at the reward guru. At 50->1 talon coin rates you can obtain 6 TC with that which would help you get somme necessary farming cards such as the General Enignem Cenia card. Talons a good server and it has great people. I’m sure you’ll be fine here. Happy Hunting
  5. Happy Holidays! My submission is called Stormy Night cuz it has a stormy knight. Featuring Assassanta Claws Challenges: GM Neza's clock challenge and GM Seiren's hot chocolate challenge IGN: Sekyria
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