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  1. After Skill Cast Delay

    thanks guyss!!! im confused of LIMIT ro and here i guess
  2. After Skill Cast Delay

    Dear All, Good day to you guys, I remember read somewhere regarding Talon RO disabling the Reduction of After Skill Cast Delay. In this case, Does it mean even high end equipment like the diabolus robe - 10% reduction and Sniping Suit - 23% reduction Won't be working? Also, the SQI shield for crusaders and Nibulungen [3]. They both also have 10% Aftercast reduction, as bonus Does it contradict with the server has disabled after skill cast reduction? Or it's actually working? O.o ? Hope You Guys can clear this out~ Anyone using them equipment feel the difference? Sorry if my England is not good x hope you can understand what i typed.
  3. SQI Bonus and - Vahalla Quest

    thanks for your accurate reply!
  4. Dear Talon RO-ers Good day to you guys, I read the SQI guide and Im still confused, I have few questions to ask about the SQI, hope yall can help. Q1) If I use character A to unlock all the seals to enter Vahalla, do I have to redo all the seals just to enter Vahalla again? Is entering Vahalla a one time thing? Q2) If not, I can use another characters ( same account ) to enter Vahalla, as long as I meet the minimum level requirement? Do I need to unlock seals on other characters? Q3) I understand that the SQI bonus stays with the character, but not sure if it is still effective if i equip other weapons? For Example, If I have DEX +15 from 3 of the activated bonuses, does it only become effective when I equip the Staff of Magi? If I equip other weapons like Bone Wand/ Arc Wand, do I still have the DEX +15 as bonus? Hope you guys can help me clear my queries, Thanks~~