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  1. Mhin

    B> SB Champ gears

    need following Valk shield Alice +7 SB GTB SS GTB FA rsx HR batho Aegir angeling +7 muffler[deviling] +7shoes eddga +10 mace[Dracx4]
  2. Mhin

    Goyu SB Champ guide for ET and GMC

    Goyu PogChampuuu nice guide for SB champ
  3. Mhin

    HELP 190 ASPD

    Ok ill try to wait because its also night here in our country
  4. Mhin

    HELP 190 ASPD

    I have Linker but no Alch never thought of to make one hahaha
  5. Mhin

    HELP 190 ASPD

    UGH.. Dont have a alch hahaha
  6. Mhin

    HELP 190 ASPD

    thanks guys for the reply but in this suno farming geffe he only have 86+40 agi and dex 60+50 how did he acquire 190 ASPD am i missing something ??
  7. Mhin

    HELP 190 ASPD

    I cant Get to 190 aspd also im still level 97 please help
  8. Mhin

    BOA Trade

  9. Mhin

    SN fury

    thanks but what is the recommended exp to start fury
  10. Mhin

    BOA Trade

  11. Mhin

    BOA Trade

    Trading my BoA [DBTg] to your BoA[DBSn]
  12. Mhin

    failed to connect server

    Same problem here reinstalled it and still can't connect to the server *EDITED* Connecting now just uninstalled a application and i think its called RAPTR then boom tried connecting and it just patch my patcher
  13. Mhin

    SN fury

    what is the needed exp after getting to 99 to trigger this
  14. Mhin

    Seals Service From Aldebaran Est.2016 [OPEN]

    Done Buying Seals Service Can't believe only two people run this service Thanks again ~ Recommended because its professionally done and they are super friendly I'll buy again sometime iSuno