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  1. [sarcasm]

    HELP 190 ASPD

    Ok ill try to wait because its also night here in our country
  2. [sarcasm]

    HELP 190 ASPD

    I have Linker but no Alch never thought of to make one hahaha
  3. [sarcasm]

    HELP 190 ASPD

    UGH.. Dont have a alch hahaha
  4. [sarcasm]

    HELP 190 ASPD

    thanks guys for the reply but in this suno farming geffe he only have 86+40 agi and dex 60+50 how did he acquire 190 ASPD am i missing something ??
  5. [sarcasm]

    HELP 190 ASPD

  6. [sarcasm]

    HELP 190 ASPD

    I cant Get to 190 aspd also im still level 97 please help
  7. [sarcasm]

    BOA Trade

  8. [sarcasm]

    SN fury

    thanks but what is the recommended exp to start fury
  9. [sarcasm]

    BOA Trade

  10. [sarcasm]

    BOA Trade

    Trading my BoA [DBTg] to your BoA[DBSn]
  11. [sarcasm]

    failed to connect server

    Same problem here reinstalled it and still can't connect to the server *EDITED* Connecting now just uninstalled a application and i think its called RAPTR then boom tried connecting and it just patch my patcher
  12. [sarcasm]

    SN fury

    what is the needed exp after getting to 99 to trigger this
  13. [sarcasm]

    Seals Service From Aldebaran Est.2016 [OPEN]

    Done Buying Seals Service Can't believe only two people run this service Thanks again ~ Recommended because its professionally done and they are super friendly I'll buy again sometime iSuno
  14. [sarcasm]

    SARCASTIC buying shop

    Hi im buying some of your trash maybe you'll sell it to me Still starting to buy and sell so my [menu] hahaha has small categories Cake-------1500 z Manteau----------50 000 z Strawberry ------- 1300 z Rough elunium ------ 700 z - Rough oridecon------ 600 z HI guys message me here or in game IGN: iGraded, uGraded PM me too if there are any other things i can buy to add in my list ThankSSSSSS !
  15. [sarcasm]

    S>>>> IP[0][agi+3][agi+2]

    Hi im selling my enchanted IP[0] the price Is 32 M TY