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  1. [ IGN: Baby Gretel ] Class: Baby Knight, Lebel: 99 & [ IGN: Baby Hansel ] Class: Baby Knight, Lebel: 80 Hi everyone! (o/) I'm Baby Gretel. Come and meet my baby big brother who I absolutely wove! - We're twins by birth, but brother came out faster than me by ONLY a minute. With that he keeps saying how he is the one in charge and that absolutely sucks! We both grew up in a sword-loving family, but what can I say? Our parents are the elite knights of Rune Midgard; to serve & protect our King is their job! But let me tell you a little see-k
  2. So.... I missed the whole thing today *sobs* Will a recap of the awesomesauce event (that I missed) be available? :C
  3. Alright!!!! Thank you so much, GM Seiren!
  4. GM, a question pls. If me and my brother wants to join the Race together with the same IP address (since we use the same wifi); will that result us in getting perma banned because we will obviously use our own forum accounts? (2 different accounts) Thank youu!
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