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  1. We always get warped out of the Casino when it closes. I propose that it let us finish the current BJ / GTN round before it warps us out, like it does with every other existing Melodia minigame. Ferryman NPC should be in every town too.
  2. In Guess The Number, whenever you guess a right digit, you get warped inside the 'clue' portion of the room. When you warp out of that, you're warped inside the Casino 'proper'. Sometimes when you get warped out, you can't see the Warper Girl by default, and you need to walk closer to talk to her. It wastes precious guessing time. I have not checked Whack-a-Ghostring if it still causes crashes, but the recent patch notes have not mentioned any fixes for that. I'll go check it out later. Anti-AFK system for Shadow Tag is too strict. Statuses inflicted by the Doom Troopers like Sleep and S
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