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  1. darkclaw

    SN geffenia which build?

    there is a video of a vamp SN build somewhere probably @howrah will point it out soon
  2. darkclaw

    Grape Juice 168z (CANCER WOE/Social/PvM/Parking Lot/AFK)

    well i only play saturday and sundays so i level slow, stupid job. /sob
  3. darkclaw

    Grape Juice 168z (CANCER WOE/Social/PvM/Parking Lot/AFK)

    i want to join :3 i will look for you guys at sunday with my semi noob knight
  4. darkclaw

    SinX veteran

    with a vvs fire damascu you wont even need a sage slave, just the usual priest for bless/agi up
  5. darkclaw

    Super Novice [Magic] : Mavka Farming Guide

    melee guide, melee guide, melee guide "yells the crowd"
  6. darkclaw

    SinX veteran

    well i can kill them with 2 soulbreake but i really mostly use meteor assault to kill the other mobs too
  7. darkclaw

    SinX veteran

    @- P r O s p e r 0 - im no expert but i can farm mavka pretty easy with my sin with: head: KH mid head: robo eye lower head: pirate dagger weapon main hand: VV strong fire damascus off hand: weeder knife armor: cant remember garmet: cant remember boots: boots with GEC stats are max str, max agi, enough dex to hit 100% use meteor assault or soulbreak the hell out of them.
  8. darkclaw

    DD SinX vs Crit SinX for PvM

    hello, one quick question, a +10MG DTTT and a +7mess DTIs would be a good overall weapon for a DD sinx?
  9. good morning i've been farming some zenny to buy a seal service but i would like to know how much is the service so i can have a goal.

    Thank you very much, have a nice day.

  10. darkclaw

    Bolter Champ Build

    oh god im so stupid hahahaha ty vm pal @Mawanmeabeab2
  11. darkclaw

    Bolter Champ Build

    i've searched all those cards and the only one with a bolt effect is gazeti and it says only lvl 2 cold bolt, in the screenshot we can see fire an lightning too so am i missing something or the card description is just inaccurate? ty @Reclusio Perpetua @Mawanmeabeab2
  12. darkclaw

    DG champ build questions

    what is DG, DL, DI stated for?, i want to start building a champ but there are a lot of things that i still dont understand quite well
  13. darkclaw


    they are guiding me to geffenia if you think about it :3 but the question is answered.
  14. darkclaw

    Bolter Champ Build

    im a little new here so can some point me out which cards he's gears have? i want to try this someday seems like would be fun, sorry for my bad english. @RagnarONE @Reclusio Perpetua @Shendel
  15. darkclaw


    oh! so if you fail you have to try it with another char, is it account bound?