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  1. i have seen some ppl selling loyal pets, so that makes me think that pets remain loyal even after the trade, lets ask @howrah he knows a lot
  2. darkclaw


    welcome my friends, there is no toxic tolerance here to be honest so no worrys there, if you need help ask around here or ingame there is a lot of pros here for each class and they will help you
  3. @Ghaspar please do it, the only reason i dont make a whitesmith is because i dont even know where to start hahaha but i always stare at those mobing like 20 monsters and smack the hell out of them with super speed.
  4. you can try to do some hunting board and get enough bronze coins to rent a more powerfull gear and take them down, or go semi crit build or go full dex and try using FO idk, it will be hard.
  5. teddys will be hard for you since you cant neither get full crit or get enough hit and dmg to kill them before they kill you, why are you hunting teddys? quest? drops?
  6. i'll look for you guys with my SuNo, its my for fun character
  7. i think its still loyal
  8. nope im not, i do have a discord acc i just dont speak english very well, i'll look for you guys see you around 😘
  9. grand cross stalker? where are you planing to farm to begin with?
  10. hi!, is discord the only way to get a guild invite for a noob monk?
  11. darkclaw

    Khrei's Leech Service

    hey my screenshot is not here? now i feel sad T_T
  12. Hi and welcome, i checked your showcase and is absolutely awesome, the crusader set, zero and megaman's helment omg wish we can get those. hope to see you work soon, good luck.
  13. hello and welcome, hope you enjoy the server
  14. sorry to annoy again but do you accept TC as payment for a full seal service? if the answer is yes, how many?
  15. make GHP a tam tam map next month and we will see like 300+ ppl farming there xD
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