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  1. IGN: Maybelline Title: "The Wait Is Over" Gasping for breath, sweat running into his eyes, the young knight pressed himself against the side of a large tree in the darkness. He prayed that he was safely hidden after racing through the forest. He couldn’t run anymore. He needed to catch his breath. His heart pounding uncontrollably felt as though it might explode through his chest. In his irrational state of mind he thought in pure terror that his heart was surely so loud that it would give him away. No, please no, he thought. Hands trembling, he fumbled for his sword
  2. IGN: Maybelline Let's be real, Orc Lord is a snacc, and all the Orc Ladies know it. His beefy physique and super strength have all the Orc Ladies chasing after him. I like to think that he's a lot less sure about how to handle the ladies throwing themselves at him than his confidence on the battlefield. 🙂 My portrayal of Orc Archer - he might look like a tough guy but he's a softie at heart as he pauses to find beauty in the little things.
  3. Hello! Two entries from me. IGN: Maybelline First entry 🌸GM Haziel Challenge - Grind All Night Long ()🌸 🌸GM Seiren Challenge - Blossoming ()🌸 Second entry GM Mizkie Challenge - Sleeping Bunnies ()🌸
  4. IGN: Maybelline 'Tamtam goes Trick or Treating' Traditional art - painting using gouache (it actually looks a bit like digi art so you can see it here in my sketchbook) 😃 GM Mikzie Challenge ()Include TamTam wearing a costume GM Gowther Challenge ()Include a white cat sleeping on a pumpkin Entry 2, another gouache painting :3 GM Kuma Challenge () Include a pot of honey GM Mikzie Challenge ()Include TamTam wearing a costume GM Haru Challenge () Include any of the in-game scarves
  5. thank you GMs! I've checked the new RODex mail and don't think anything has come through yet. Has anyone else looked?
  6. Ahhh TamTam's Tiki Bar is so cute and sparkly 😍 EDIT: What was day 1's prize? I missed it!
  7. When I think of summer, I always think of sandcastles on the beach. And a poring sipping on a coconut, why not?! Watercolour on hot-pressed paper. IGN: Maybelline Fuller size on my Instagram. And just a trio of savage babes enjoying the seashore. Pigs on a blanket need their beach umbrella, otherwise they end up as bacon...
  8. @agilazo in their post it says they will be arriving in the days to come.
  9. I am extremely honoured to have been included among the winners. Thank you so much, GM team! To be honest, as soon as I saw that the results were out, my heart started pounding so hard that I had to pause first before scrolling down the page in fear and excitement. A big well done to all participants as there were so many creative and beautiful entries.
  10. Congratulatioooonss! Your oceanic hairband design is beautiful. It was my favourite too. :lol:

    1. agilazo


      thank you ~ thank you!  (TT_TT)
      thx for ur support! \(^_^)/

  11. Yippee - another competition! I love how unique this challenge is! My Character IGN: Maybelline Entry #1, inspired by my profound love of llamas. Entry made in watercolour paint. Potentially applicable to: The GM Venus Challenge: +1 Shape Shifter : Create a headgear inspired by animals (e.g Fox's ears, Tiger's mouth, Racoon's tail, etc Background - Llama Lore: Lucifer the Llama knew he was different to all the other llamas for as long as he can remember. His parents explained to him that he had a rare condition called 'Dworphism' or 'Dwerfism', Quite fra
  12. The poring fairy lights on the advent calendar are so adorable *_* <3
  13. My first time to win, whee!! Congrats everyone!
  14. Can someone please tell me what the art was yesterday? And the gift? I’m on holiday with no access to a PC :’(
  15. Ahhh I am giddy with excitement for this challenge - the Advent calendar is my favourite event <3 I've whipped out the watercolours this evening! Have to admit that I was slightly unprepared for how small these needed to be as my painting was huge lol. IGN: Maybelline TamTam is a furry being, so I hope I can enter him into... The GM Kuma Challenge: Fur-lined Fun - +1 Include some fur. TamTam spreading some festive joy in a Christmas fur-lined stocking. Another watercolour piece for Angeling's choir entered into ✽ The GM Venus Challenge: Everyone's invit
  16. Love your art! :wub:

    1. Luntian


      Thank you very much, I really appreciate it. =)

  17. Thank you for the kind words, Latif! ^.^

    1. Latif


      oh, don't mention it :D 

  18. IGN: Maybelline Took an entire week, this did. Coz I'm a digital art n00b and the WIP from my sketchbook From last weekend... Deviruchis don't like sharing!! My alchemist and her fave weapon, light epsilon. Inspired by the Quve Card.
  19. Absolutely adore the illustrations of the drinks, nice work tRO <3
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