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  1. Leftovers Recruiting [PvM/Social]

    Welome Ice! xD I saw you in Rachel and you aready joined, i just didn't say hello *shame on me*. Was too astonished talking to Astonishment. In the meantime, we know the trikz:
  2. Question only for active farmers today

    Stealing without killing is a bit of rude though. Think about fellow thieves coming next for that monster and wasting >5 seconds for hopeless steal attempts.
  3. Question only for active farmers today

    I farmed mavkas for a long time, now went geffenia. By the end, i switched to 1BB with caesar at mavkas, was using linker and priest slaves (so i had agiup and fast movespeed with chasewalk). I was finding it nearly impossible to farm at day (midnight - early evening server time), as with high ammount of people you get to compete with someone for almost every mavka you see. So i farmed mostly at night server time, with 0 to 5 ppl on the map. Usual income 3-3.2m / hour, with a peak of 3.45m. I haven't been too much at geffenia now, and as i feel, there's a big deal there to get used to monsters, to considering what mobs can you handle and what better to ignore, and to find best way of moving around. I use 3BB with bow, link and priest buffs, return after end of agibless. So far, when i went there at same night time, it seemed like 3.2-3.5m. Once i went during day, and weirdly as it seems, though i didn't feel any lack of monsters, the income i got was 2.3 first hour and 2.6 second (that's when, i believe, the map is most crowded). Not that experienced, but anyway.
  4. Mmm, maybe you meant something different here? *just passing by in awe*
  5. Leftovers Recruiting [PvM/Social]

    MVP with >20 slaves? Cmon!
  6. Leftovers Recruiting [PvM/Social]

    Join the madness and you're be madly loved here, khe khe khe.
  7. high wizard card

    Just check this. https://wiki.talonro.com/Custom_Cards
  8. Онлайн на сервере

    Команда @autotrade возможна только в пронте, пайоне и пронтера-молл. Помню - кто-то считал - всего там торговых точек 850. Пронтера и пайон в основном забиты, пронтера-молл в среднем где-то наполовину. То есть ожидаемый онлайн торгашей в основном где-то 650-750 + 10-20 (торгаши в других городах - там возможно оставлять венд только с открытым клиентом). Теперь можете прикидывать онлайн.
  9. Geffen Bard Quest

    Are you sure it's not "At One, I Fall in Love"? (that's from irowiki classic guide) Answers in RO quests are case sensitive. Be sure to not have extra space in the end too.
  10. Wandering Cat hand NPC?

    150, 135 What he has? Flying fish. Throwing Weapon, causes fatal wounds to the enemy at a certain rate when attacking. Neutral property, 50 ATK. Gong Bug. Bullet, stuns an enemy at a certain rate while attacking. Neutral property, 50 ATK. Dried Squid. Throwing weapon, causes darkness (blind) at a certain rate while attacking. Neutral property, 50 ATK. Starfish. Throwing weapon, stuns an enemy at a certain rate while attacking. Neutral property, 110 ATK. Everything comes at price 200 cans per box with 200 units. Tbh, nothing that special. Better we had immaterial bullets to desperado that bee. Though WoE guys will definitely find these useful for statusing.
  11. TamTam's Guide

    Talking about champion monsters.. Seeing before how they are quickly wiped by some champion (a player) body relocating and asuraing every single just after the announcement is made - i decided to try it myself just for fun. So i leveled aco in payon dungeon and ghc, as usual. Did job change quests with walking forth and back to yoyo map and smashing mushrooms, did one hbq too (50 soldier skeletons are easy for aco). Now i'm 70 base 20smth job level monk, have rental stunner from all the bronze coins (175), have LKH, GEC sandals, 2 clips , morpheus shawl and some +50sp bandana for mid-headgear, which i could wear only from 75 lvl (last two are the only one i specially bought for this). The goal was to hit 99 killing only champion monsters. The issue at first was to have good enough asura to 1hit them (at least 45k+). But with that i had low dex, and casting asura was real slow. Although champion monsters are passive, they are cast-detectors, and when they see you casting smth on them, they are quick to smash you with some clashing spiral (orc warrior), mammonite (fabre), grimtooth (poporing) or just plain attacks. And they hit realy hard, so phen card was out of the question. Firstly, i tried using 2 soul linkers and having kaupe on myself (it makes you dodge one attack, no matter if it's skill or plain attack). I managed to kill some orcs and fabres with this, still died some times. Then i remembered i had a 73 lvl crusader on other account. I respecced her to devo and 99 vit, equipped goibness set, and it was just enough to survive even mad grimtoothing by poporing, while devoed monk was casting asura on him. After that it was just a routine. I had 3 warps on quite small but not popular geffen field maps, left there those soul linkers, who i didn't use anymore, and a crusader - just to see the announcement about the appearance of champion monsters. At 70s levels it need like 1-2 such monsters to level uo, so it went pretty quick. On some ~85 level i could have 50k+ asura and 85+ base dex, that was enough to not need being devoed anymore. With 50 job i got body relocation, with which i could scan a map a lot quicker. This way i managed to get 99 level on 3rd day (monsters give 1.7% smth exp on 98 lvl), mostly afking or playing other characters while waiting for announcements; sometimes i went for a walk to some popular maps, like high orcs or fields that aligh to geffen - there champion monsters appear often, but you get yourself into competition with some snipers/champions/wizards. Got like 10-11 talon coins this way too.
  12. Should I or should I not?

    LKs can, kind of, endure themselves.
  13. Illusion Flower

    I think these resourses should be popularized more. http://tcalc.github.io/item/ https://share.talonro.com/ItemCraft/index.html
  14. Maximize Power + Mammonite damage calc

    Power Maximize does work, it's just that you have enough dex not to need it (Ice Pick has low damage). I believe PM just removes the part of damage calculation where it takes random number between ATK-Weapon_damage+DEX and ATK (or smth like that). The issue is with monsters having fluctuating soft DEF (100-124 for sleeper), and as it almost doesn't affect normal damage, it greatly affects IP damage. And yes, second Iron Wrist should do the job.
  15. Well, as iRO Wiki is more than clear about the skill being able to damage bosses, that's good enough for bug report. Just make nice screenies. There's also an issue with <5 lvl of SB doing damage, that should be reported as well.