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    Creator Guide

    For brewing refer to lela's guide. Most likely you'll need at least celebration rings (and max job level creo and 99 evolved homuncu) to be effective, i.e. earn more than just selling ingreds to players and buying brewed stuff from them, but i may be wrong. You can reset stat/skills anytime cheaply (<15k at max level). For ET/GMC and other high end runs you'll need golden thief bug shield, fire armor (unslotted ok), marc armor, probably medusa shield and nightmare mid headgear. Eddga is close to those too and a must for solo MVPing. Deviling (Leak is often better), accesorries, other shields and armors, ESL mid and even weapon is second priority. You mostly AD dangerous stuff and sometimes MVPs, FCP people (sometimes under crossfire, so eddga and gtb might be crucial). But that's for lazy creos, good ones abuse plants, potion pitcher and some other stuff. Before people would feed lif until evolving, then abuse Mental Strength (you could cast it indefinitely by rest/call, teleporting, changing maps). Now you can't, it has its 20min cd and without it lif is pretty weak. It might be fixed eventually, see topic in Merchant subforum. Still lif is for life as it's cute and gives you super speed. Edit: Fixed with last update. Lifs are great again! Leveling alche can be a bit tedious. You either mammonite hill winds, or partly afk with homunculus or do some funny stuff like here: Crothen's marine sphere mobbing guide. Bio is easy: 1hit AD mobs that can give you loots to sell for AD costs (bradium golems worked for me perfectly) or just join GMC/ETs until 99/70. Read backpages of Merchant subforum, there are a lot of good advices scattered for creo, especially for non traditional or solo gameplay and by dedicated creo players (like Sachi for ex).
  2. Ver

    Bookslapper Nerfs

    Auto Blitz and Blitz Beat are a bit different in terms of mechanics (number of hits and damage divided by number of enemies iirc, and yeah, no delay). Though Auto Blitz share with Autospell procs the ability to proc on misses, which is one of the main differences of Autospell and any autocasting stuff triggered by items. But yeah, Auto Blitz triggers no ACD, item autocasting triggers no ACD, Autospell procs do trigger it. When normally attacking and casting a skill (like some selfbuff for ex, as you suggested), you stop attacking and cast it, click again - you continue autoattack, same as before. Bolt ACD is big, you wont be able to cast anything with 190ASPD unless you're staying in bragi :D. Still, for me it's not that odd to expect from it some special behaviour. IRO Wiki Classic has this note: "Skills triggered by hindsight do not have any cast time, but do have cast delay. Cast delays, however, will not prevent bolts from being triggered via hindsight. As a result, it is possible to fire off bolts very quickly. The skills will all retain their special effects on their targets; Frost Diver will freeze, Fire Ball will have splash damage, etc." I know there are differences in skill mechanics in iRO and kRO sometimes, and afaik we tend to be closer to former. Still I yet to see any video or hear from anyone who played there if our current skill mechanic is the same as there. Basically, what Boreas said in Bug Report post. So most likely we won't see any change on this part, unless rAthena way is different from iRO way and it is the actual rAthena way, not just a bug. What we might suggest, and what is more likely to happen, is something of "add matk% to Tome's item description; add new SQI bonus - proc Health Conversion on hit or disable/lower Autospell procs ACD or whatever", with upcoming SQI revamp. Storm Gust was there just because in pre-Iduna HW could easily and with basic gear solo kill a lot of stuff. New mechanics are that monsters aren't staggered that much by SG anymore. Necros aren't sleepwalk anymore, Thor requires patience, etc, I'm still curious to try GQS and Mammoth. So people complain everywhere 'meh, nerfed HW' (it's also about JT rate and overall damage but still), while I find these 'nerfs' just interesting and challenging. P.S. Good like with making client to work, Sachi
  3. Ver

    Bookslapper Nerfs

    I'm inclined to believe it is actually intended, at least from what I gathered from videos and mentions about official gameplay. So basically it's a 'fix', not a 'nerf'. Same as people cry about HW's Storm Gust cheesiness, that is lost a bit in Iduna. I know how you feel, but well - there will be more challenge to some battles For some MVPs I didn't use Kaahi anyway (but meat with poodles), or just use lower level. And with high int you won't waste much on GJs. So it's not that bad.
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