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  1. Wanderer [Social/Mid-High PvM/NT-Woe]

    LOL Join them Crazy people doing funny and unexpected stuff. Especially for those interested in vanilla pvm, neglected instances or unusual party setups.
  2. elemental converter status

    Search the section first. And one left unchecked:
  3. Gear Review Request: SOM DDD vs SOM GGG

    HD isn't affected by aspd, it has a fixed delay of smth like 0.5sec. Pretty much what howrah said - though in calc it's enough to get 184 aspd to get max skill spam, in game there's ping issues. And while for some people 185 is enough, some try to get 188-190 - you have to find best value for yourself. And yeah, learn to swap, it's very useful. +10 SoP is just a wonderful weapon, it outdamages SoM's SG (even with NNN carding) not that rarely - just get used to: SoM - amp - SG - swap SoP. You can even swap during amp if your dex is okay without SoM.
  4. gunslinger?

    Note also, that gunslingers have bullets of all neccessary elements on this server (fire, water, earth, wind, shadow, immat and standart holy) - this is very handy.
  5. More Ammunition for Gunslinger

    There are immaterial bullets already. They were introduced several months ago together with shadow bullets i think. So gunslingers have all properties now. :3 To get them, go Einbroch weapon shop and talk to Bullet Dealer Tony. You can't just buy them, but can exchange same materials (with same ratio) that is used by archers to create immat/shadow arrows for them.
  6. Champion Monsters HP

    I believe those champions have nothing in common with the monsters they represent. It's just a set of 5 specific monsters, each with unqiue abilities and stats. The set is the same in each different tam tam, they have just different sprites. Edit: not actually nothing xD They inherit race, size and element properties from the monsters they represent. Anyway, here's MP of some (2nd is raydric archer champion): Welp, will get to others later. This tam tam is real spooooooky. Added others. Last one is abysmal knight.
  7. Stalker with lvl 10 waterball

    Really? I thought the the number of cells with water in that 5x5 area determines a number of waterball hits and it's capped at 25 hits at all levels (even 10). Higher levels just have bigger matk multiplier. Correct if i'm wrong.
  8. Welding Mask PCB?

    If the sprite is not in the list, i believe you can send a request via support ticket for it to be made (it will cost 15TC). I doubt it's possibe for Welding Mask though - it's mid+lower headgear actually, PCB can only get lower sprites.
  9. Creamy carded accessory. :3 You want to teleport a looot, and spending on fwings might be biting. Not to mention the weight issue if you're bow-type. You move almost only with backsliding and teleport. Rule of thumb: if you can diagonal backslide into some wide area several times - do it. Otherwise - teleport. Depends greatly on map: some maps are cleared only with backsliding, on some of them you almost cant backslide effectively at all. Try to avoid ares you've just cleared. I will stress it again: you make you character walk ONLY when you landed somewhere and you see a sought for monster in several cells near you.
  10. I often recommend newbies doing kaho horns quest. First, questing is always cool. Second, halfway you get a mini-version of kahos, that is very good for gearless player in the meantime. Then, it's psychologically much easier to gather at most 20m than that skyhigh 53m+. And on the last note, you actually save money by doing quest (even by buying all ingredients on market it can cost you totally some 46m - 50m at most). And concerning kaho card - if you're doing quest, you need those 700 (or 750?) kaho fragments. The are more or less easy to kill for most jobs, so it might be good to farm those. And as you need kaho card too it's very tempting to try your luck on card just by killing all those kahos for fragments (i did that as newbie autospell professor - basically i was just doing lava golems hbqs - at the same time killing kahos - and after some 500 fragments the card dropped ). The only drawback might be having to find someone to kill final mvp, but - people are mostly helpful on this server and even if it takes some time, you will find party even on !recruit - or, by the time you're making lkh, you have probably joined some guild aready that can give you a hand.
  11. That's what i was talking about, it takes a bit of practice. Just experiment a bit. BB doesn't just hit in a simple 3x3 area. It pushes your target one cell in the direction YOU LAST MOVED. If there's another monster that gets in touch during the push of the first one, he gets hit too (like a bowling effect). That's why you just have to know what direction your BB will push and try to hit the last monster in that line. It's a bit tricky in words, but you'll get used to it eventually. Even experienced player don't always hit with perfect BB. In some places it is more practical to just kill several monsters 1 by 1 with BB then take effort by lining and thining the mob (it's still one of the skills with highest dps in the game) - geffenia for example - but it's like additional great bonus if they get lined up by themselves or by very slight movement and you kill whole mob in 1-2-3 BB.
  12. I saw rogues in odin parties making wonders by playing a 'mobber' role - they just walk those hills, get as many skeggs as possible and lure them to party - backslide and high flee helps a lot. And it helped a lot - odin often feels a bit slow just because party doesnt encounter enough mobs in its way.
  13. Bolter Prof questions

    First remark: when people say bolter prof they usually mean those dex/int profs that just run arround and cast all bolts with doublecasting. What you mean though is autobolter / autocaster / hindsight / battle prof. Thunderstorm Cloud gives 2% chance to cast stuff - it's not worth it. You might better get hermose cap with same 5TC for that hefty +10%aspd and aspd is everything for autospell builds. Later: kaho ofc. You want at least that 140 int point. That combo is just wonderful until you can get really better stuff for those slots. If you can get that cheaply, go for it. If you wish to spend just for autobolting at some point, go for book of the dead (better +7) [doppel,doppel]. With this weapon you can get 190 aspd just with some plain ~20agi and awak (so you can easily go 99int 99vit build or near that). Until you have it, or at least same book with 1 doppel, stick to before-mentioned set. Tbh, i'd be willing to say it shouldn't work but i'm not actually sure (for ex. sniper card works with grand cross - or is it only 'physical part' of GC?). Still even though you can get very high dps, one sniper card might not be enough. The issue is that you HAVE to get that 190 aspd eventually. And while it might be doable with 1 doppel by having 99agi, specific gears, buffs and stuff, you can't depend on all that. Another important moment: when you go autobolting you use link, if you are getting link you might get kaahi as well. And profs can abuse kaahi with health conversion - those 2 skills work together so perfectly. Later, when you face monsters that you can't outflee or/and that have some high-damage skills or/and you need different status resist (mvp being a common example for all 3 cases) you might consider going high vit. Without flee kaahi works worse: if monsters have high aspd / there are a lot of them - you can't keep up with sp drain; or if monster never misses you and hits for >1.4k. Popular route is to just use meats (high vit, maybe sacrifice some damage by removing imp/siromas and getting hell poodles will give pretty good outheal). Without soul link autobolts are meh. Don't bother. Ice dungeon is the best basic place to level with autobolting. You can go there as soon as some ~85 lvl sage with just pocket watch sets and some pantie+undershirt - just need ~210 flee. Abyss lakes? I wouldn't go there with prof (you can't stick to one bolt there). Actually, you can farm just anywhere as long as: you can kill everything on the map with one type of bolt (not a problem for those IC+190aspd guys probably :D); place is not super mobby; it's either close from savepoint or you can drag your linker there to some safespot / for logoff. Hell, i even farmed those shadow property high mdef banshee masters in rachel guild dungeon with prof and it was faster than stalker with a bow specific for them. Thor1, abbey3, scaraba 1-2, even DG without angels - all good. Ideally no. SP is not an issue - it is drained a lot if you use kaahi or energy coat or even just from autobolts - you can recover full sp in several health conversion casts though. Lady Tanee / Eddga are usually better. You want the latter often to get close to monsters with ranged attack.
  14. Yes BB damage will scale based on dex. STR improves bow-based ATK too but very slightly (5 STR = 1 DEX and without any bonuses), basically it's not worth to invest in STR just for that. Wise. As i said before, get dex above 90, but just enough for total to be divisible by 10 (as those stat points give huge atk bonuses, ie there a big atk gap between 119 and 120 and very small gap between 120 and 121 while you will have to use same-or-almost ammount of stat points to cover each gap). For example, if you have your dex smth like XX+16, make it 94+16=110. Why agi? Because aspd and flee. First is pure dps increase, second is the main thing that keeps you alive. If you can get more flee than needed for some monster, it's even better, as your flee is reduced by number of monsters attacking you, and being overmobbed happens (and well, you wouldn't like to either ignore or be damaged more often in simple situations with 2-3-4 monsters). One could drop some 10-15 points in agi and put it to vit, but: even though it will give you some 1-2k hp, if you have to rely on your hp pool to survive, you're doing smth wrong (read: either you overmob, or your flee is low and you are hit too often, or you're messing with monsters that are too strong for you etc). Leave endless meat-numming to those chicken-riders. If you have maxed dex in a way described before and 99 agi, you can go STR for weight capacity or VIT for that hp. Still in some cases it's worth it drop agi to one of those. Ex: you're in some easy area where you 1 hit BB everything, flee needed for all monsters there is maximum 200 (while yours is 250), but you have to return to town every 10minutes because heavy loots. For leveling: myself i chose that common way for rogues of leveling-while-farming - mavkas. Despite people going there mostly to grab zennies (and it's pretty decent place for that), mavkas give pretty nice exp. I'll advise it only if you play not in peak online times, as during those you might be overwhelmed by ammount of people there (backsliding around just to see 3 out of 4 mavkas already 'taken' by someone can be depressing). You'll get pretty good money there too (npc sell mirror-roses, blue herbs to players). Bow rogues can kill everything there by switching arrows (water+fire). Plagi tip: mavka uses earth spike, baba yaga - waterball. Both are casted slowly, hiding is your friend. 250 flee is very comortable. Other one: nightmare pyramid F1. Though it's not tam-tam anymore (with hefty double exp), it's still a decent exp area. Plagi: minourus has heavens drive, slow cast aoe spell - just backslide when you see a circle under you. Silver+water arrows. 250 flee is close to minourus, try not engaging more than 1 at a time / focus them first. To get there: go pyramids -> thief guild (portal in the middle of first map) -> talk to a cat near portal to usual verit-minourus map (5k fee entrance). Notable drop: immortal hearts, some 1-1.2k to buying players. Other: pinguiculas. 2hit with BB, easily lined up to mass kill with it, good exp. Nothing can break your BB. 250 flee is close, so try getting 1-2-3 at most and kill. Vespas are on ignore as they will kill you in melee (one of the reasons why i love rogue/stalkers so much is how it's easy to choose which monsters you engage: backsliding, intimidate and on some maps hiding are just awesome). Fire arrows. Loot: all those leaves are used in making foods, sell to players. Map: Splendide->East. I might come up with smth else later. Either way: just try. One of the advantages of being this job is flexibiity. With high flee, decent damage, ability to change element on whim and monster avoiding skills, they can farm a loooot of places. @howrah Yes, you have to get damage to copy skill. Not sure about elemental armors though - doesn't those property1 status give only 75% resist and unless monster skill is very weak and is negated by your very low soft-mdef, it will still damage you slightly? (poison-holy-shadow doesn't cound as not many skills of that properties to copy anyway).