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  1. ~Lozaki~

    190aspd with low agi

    undershirt [0] with pantie [0] with char stats 99 agi, and awake pot can get you up to 186 ish or 187 attack speed. the rest u can put into dex (regular shot dmg)/luk for auto blitz. but DSing provide much more dmg output. just saying
  2. ~Lozaki~

    The Amazing Summer Race 2016 Summer Event

    hmmmm. then.... so the difference between the old and new box.... say old box has item A B C D pool New box has A B C D E F G pool interesting....
  3. ~Lozaki~

    The Amazing Summer Race 2016 Summer Event

    kinda curious the new pro BOX ID: 20849.... and the old Pro Summer box ID: 20188 Do they have different pools of items? seems that way at least. --> does that mean the old box has w/e it originally has from all the prior years--does not contain new items starting 2017? and the new boxes will only contain 2017 and onward items?
  4. ~Lozaki~

    Absolutely New

    first of all, i would suggest u to find a class you like the best, as your main, then branch out to get merchant to OC/DC and also get multiple accounts for self buffs. your first gear would ultimately... be Kaho --> feel free to check out the guides on my signature.
  5. ~Lozaki~

    Beginner Sniper with 200m budget

    artemis bow with Turtle Turtle Turtle, the rest = you can do as see fit as you go along Bow is the only thing that really matters to Sniper..
  6. ~Lozaki~

    Crit Sniper VS DS Sniper

    crit build can do about 16000 piercing def. while DS is great for low def monsters, both useful
  7. ~Lozaki~

    SELL LOGS in autovend

    i dont think there is such data log for auto vend items. my suggestion is to always double check your items after you finished vending/ take screenshot of it too, in case you wonder what was sold the next day.
  8. ~Lozaki~

    The most frequently asked question is asked again

    archer class has an advantage that most ppl might or might not know. Once you finished grinding your job levels to a hunter..... tRO has hunter bow (can be purchased via NPC), which you can equip hunting arrow to boost 50% dmg, and if you use a sage to endow your hunter bow + hunting arrow.... you will be doing 4800 ish per DS, consider you invested 80 to 90 base Dex around the time you are about level 67 hunter. with a 4800 per DS on non-heavy defense monster, you will deplete out SP very fast, you either port back to town or grape juice your way, however you felt more effective/cost.
  9. i do this even at the beginning when i have no gears, still more effective than grinding wolfs/ geos (they have too high magic def) Buff is not required if you know what you are doing regular character can simply outrun zombies.
  10. ~Lozaki~

    Twin Fang SinX Thor 1 Guide

    fun indeed but Sniper is still more effective, in terms of exp/per hour
  11. ~Lozaki~

    How much AGI to achieve a non stop attack speed? ASPD?

    stable 2mil / hour is better than 1 surprise card drop, just imo. imagine you hunt them marcs for 6 hours and no cards...... = no gain as compare to farming @ 2mil an hour for 6 hours......... = 12 mil and once u can farm geffenia for at least 3.25 to 3.75mil an hour, you will never bother grinding for cards again.... cuz the rate is simply too low compare to a fixed stable income.
  12. ~Lozaki~

    TalonRO leveling? Newbie needs help!

    check my guides @ on my signature first class guide = explains firewall is just too amazing despite even share with other class. Starter class guide = explains a little of what class can help open to immediate opportunities
  13. ~Lozaki~

    sub optimal gear and geffenia commitment

    my average per hour @ geffenia is about 3.4 to 3.75mil an hour. Using 1 shot sniper. good luck
  14. ~Lozaki~

    ~ Ecchi Ayuda~ [[>COMIC UPDATE PG 5<]]

  15. ~Lozaki~

    Build Request>Low lvl Abbey HP Leech build

    tbh, 40 level HP leeching is kinda hard and not as effective in nameless island. but if you really have to..... and just for fun. dex and int is your main focus while not investing points into vit......