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  1. New potato

    *stalks Nagi*
  2. What does LK excel at?

    mobbing and killing monsters that has penuma
  3. new around here

  4. Make MvP hunting more exciting

    its a good intention to try to make this a ladder thing. but as far as drama goes, i'd say Nop....
  5. @autotrade on most/some city maps

    marx your info is outdated, you can no longer.... vend more than 2 selling vends. Prior to the recent change.... u can technically use 10 vendor to click NPC to vend.
  6. Community poll - Ways we can improve Forging?

    with maximium success chances, i get an average of about needing 2.4 to 2.6 attempts to make 1 successful VVS weapon.... Steel 4k /ea , need 60, oridecon 4k/ea, need 4, crumb 3500/ea, need 2, rough wind 20k-40k/ need 1 240,000 + 16,000+ 7,000 + 20,000 (for the sake of saying u have tons of seller, selling you at cheapest wind possible) each attempt is.... 283,000 and multiply this by 2.4 = 679,200, and if current selling price is 750,000..... if... profit of 70k per weapon is a great profit.... you'd need to rethink that.... the time u spend gathering the materials, the time u spend vending, the time u spend forging..... Just go... geffenia, farm about 10 mins, there you go.... you just got the profit of selling your whole vend of 12 items (70k times 12= 840,000z) in 10 mins....of geffenia pure zeny. i've been forging ever since, i am pretty sure i know my stuff... just saying.
  7. Community poll - Ways we can improve Forging?

    forging was long dead, and as a long time ranked #1 forger back in the days. i already know the current forgers in the market are actually selling below their profit margin. (which was why i quit, kinda) good luck to both Kasmith and dubi.... price war = no good
  8. New to RO.. Is Crit build here in Talon are good?

    regular mobs, i'd say crit sharp shoot > regular DS, since u need AoE for killing Boss.... all Dex
  9. 1 shot kill incubus

    the way i do geffenia, is 1 shot female or the male, and then if a ring drops, pick up quick and flywing away. i keep gloom Sniping suit on, dont plan on killing the angels/ devouchis, unless they are in your way of killing the incubus /sucsbus.
  10. 1 shot kill incubus

    if u like 1 shot.... use sniper, crit build SS... 21k to 22k dmg. boom.
  11. The Amazing Summer Race 2016 Summer Event

    hmmmm. then.... so the difference between the old and new box.... say old box has item A B C D pool New box has A B C D E F G pool interesting....
  12. The Amazing Summer Race 2016 Summer Event

    kinda curious the new pro BOX ID: 20849.... and the old Pro Summer box ID: 20188 Do they have different pools of items? seems that way at least. --> does that mean the old box has w/e it originally has from all the prior years--does not contain new items starting 2017? and the new boxes will only contain 2017 and onward items?
  13. Absolutely New

    first of all, i would suggest u to find a class you like the best, as your main, then branch out to get merchant to OC/DC and also get multiple accounts for self buffs. your first gear would ultimately... be Kaho --> feel free to check out the guides on my signature.
  14. Beginner Sniper with 200m budget

    artemis bow with Turtle Turtle Turtle, the rest = you can do as see fit as you go along Bow is the only thing that really matters to Sniper..