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  1. ~Lozaki~

    Funtaim Shop

    just so you know, no 1 really check out sell topics on forum, might as well.... just spend some time vend up 😧 lol
  2. ~Lozaki~

    Grabbing Bobbs [OPEN]

    cuz stebing is luff, luff is happiness :3
  3. ~Lozaki~

    PC +7 Shields

    its roughly 7-10 times the price of the current item non-upgraded. you can sometimes find cheaper, or overpriced. kinda have to dig through the market to find good deals.
  4. ~Lozaki~

    Grabbing Bobbs [OPEN]

    steb bobb hiiiiiii
  5. youtube is being hacked.... gg google, gg youtube
  6. ~Lozaki~

    █ SLOW █ ✿ Ardinda's (C)art

    *puts 10 tents around Fumi chan*
  7. ~Lozaki~

    Ghaspy's Mini Stop

    bamp for you, but ppl dont really check out forum sell post
  8. ~Lozaki~

    Lets Make a Random Good Story

    GM Gemini calls for super buffed GM HOWL to flex against such evil, them evil started to..........
  9. ~Lozaki~


    i like vamp smith better for jup hue
  10. ~Lozaki~

    Lets Make a Random Good Story

    GM Gemini with her angeling army united the force of justice and tried to fight the corruption at hand.....
  11. ~Lozaki~

    ✦✦ Jaz's Cheebs Shop ✦✦ [ OPEN ]

    Jazzy, you have returned! seems like your art skills improved quite a bit woohoo
  12. the thread is as far as it will go i think, plus i am somewhat inactive anyways, but still lurking around forum seeing pplz thanks for checking it out