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  1. @Appl3FooL you sure thats me? cuz i dont do vamp smith xD, but i did forge for about 1.5 years till i couldnt any more xD
  2. bard can rock with gunner again........but i am not active any more
  3. just sent you a PM for possible new commission hehehehehe
  4. or simply stalk beaver's facebook, he post the daily reward dont claim if its trash items xD
  5. and 1 more thing to add, make sure your inventory has enough space to actually collect prizes. my merchant had maxed out the quantity items and tried to collect the exp manaul book yesterday, and the NPC will think you have already collected the prize. haha. not that i care too much, but its worth a mention xD
  6. That was pretty much my idea, making bunch of colorful smoothies/ icy. but they said it has to be something... that can be brought to a pinic... or beach environment.... so....... D:
  7. LOL the mobs of players xD was the screenshot taken today after the reboot? haha
  8. Gemini... its easy, just use all of loading screen for this year. even though not all of them will get the winner prizes for the contest itself xD
  9. wuw Huki, i like that one very much D:
  10. *stares* why you avoid my trap? D: you should totally join the loading screen entry! D:
  11. lol *give up mode* *flips table* i will just have all the Slushie and smooth for myself during the summer time. Muahahhahahah
  12. lol yes of course summer related theme <3
  13. lol can the entry be something home made, not something that can be brought to picnic ? lol i got tons of ideas what to make xD
  14. in that case...... lets get Gemini to join! we would like to see her drawing skills! i am positive that Gemini can draw better than Boreas!!
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