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  1. i used to go there... cuz i enjoy my sniper 1 shotting them all with SS heuheuheuehueheuhe
  2. @Appl3FooL you sure thats me? cuz i dont do vamp smith xD, but i did forge for about 1.5 years till i couldnt any more xD
  3. bard can rock with gunner again........but i am not active any more
  4. just sent you a PM for possible new commission hehehehehe
  5. GHP with claymore trap + arrow shower is pretty nice (get 2x mimic clip, 1 myst case hat) or if you have thor gears.... easy exp there....
  6. really depend on your style. if you are a tanker and likes to do support role, LK/Pala/Champ will be good. (which is your 3 top choices) lol if you like to do dmg from afar- Sniper if you like to be all pretty and support-- HP if you like stealthy and dmg - SinX / Stalker. so there u go
  7. me like instant cast bolter SN better but if you are building melee SN, its gona be a SQI--similar to vamp smith build, but lots more buff.
  8. oh yes, EVERY class can solo- in a way, but do you enjoy wacking monster with a mace as an Aco? I doubt it.... Even when you get to monk class..... auto triple is still slow leveling..... and if you level with asura build..... 1 hit... out of SP.... then what? anyways, monk isnt an easy class to level w/o partner or gears. good luck mate!
  9. U dont need gears as Aco, just get yourself leeched by an archer or mage and look for gears when you are a priest-- honest advise ppl know what i am talking about love me, but if you dont love me--its ok too
  10. shall i commission moar? so you have MOAR TO DRAW during XMAS? heheheheheh
  11. and FYI, you have no control over how people set their overpriced item or underpriced item, you can only take control of how you spend your zeny. in the event like this, i would buy out the sting glove and resell for its actual value, 7 mil + 2mil maybe. lol
  12. firewall zombie prisoner is still the easiest and fastest.... looking at barely any gears... doing other non zombie works..... but takes longer..... first you put a firewall..... then you cast them firebolt....... then you cast firewall again..... and then derp another bolt..... oh god.... when you can easily cast a few firewalls on the floor and zombies can eat them all up within 2 seconds....
  13. ~Lozaki~

    CH O/

    no bamp, no luff
  14. D.Robe with 3 dex.... for all ROUNDER HAHAHAHAHAHAH xD
  15. thats easy. (kills blackjack in tRO) OH NOES, better hide Fumi chan.... Emi is coming after you! *gasp*
  16. i havent had ToT nightmares for the past 2 years so... i am all set hows my drawing coming along?
  17. lol i remember i opened like 120 ToT back in the days, all shit, never get the costume for that year.
  18. OHHHHHHH i used to camp poker for halloween...... but
  19. someone is on a drawing spree HAHAHAHHHA
  20. i havent been farming but still got bored quick 😧 haha.... Lozzy the businessman means SERIOUS BUSINESS, but all methods that i used were nerfed in some ways..... *stares Seiren and Boreas*
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