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  1. Sorry, I know this is unnecessary and not so related quote but I just want to ask you @Howrah questions because you seemed to be a walking ragnarok encyclopedia. My questions: 1. If I use GTB, will I be immune to Incubus' mana drain and violy's (or fake angel's) silence? 2. With GTB, I could still cast aspersio on my stalker right? I just have to take off my shield before casting, then equipped again once casting is completed? Will this strategy work?
  2. Mine at lvl 95, unevolved yet. Will it even reach the 800 MAtk mark? Huhuhu.
  3. Thanks much Does cleave and lifesteal stack? How about cleave and ignoredef(thanatos)?
  4. Sorry, whats DB? Whats SS? Noob here.
  5. I think I'm joining this one. 🤔😀👌
  6. Garbogarbz


    Greetings fellow Talonians! Im looking for a slotted undershirt. Please PM me for the price. Thanks
  7. My apology. Its just that Im so lost right now. But thanks for the info.
  8. Hello guys, im quiet new here. Thanatos both reduces def and flee by 15, im looking at it right now in item database. Whats HOB? Cant find it in abbreviation list. Thanks
  9. Sorry for this noob question but: What was the command to allow overnight vending?
  10. Hello. Sorry for this noob question. But whats FS? and buses? 🤥
  11. This one is for Champs or Monks above lvl. 80 who wants to one shot sleepers using "Investigate". S>>> +7 Veteran Hammer[Kaho + Peco peco egg] Price starts @ 14 M. But still open for negotiation.
  12. Sometimes MoI is summoned near entrance. One time, Seyren was summoned in the sleepers map. Is this one way of seeing that players should stop farming in sleepers?? Pls. explain the rationale.
  13. And oh, please include also Yuno fld 03 since it is the most convenient entrance to fld 06.
  14. Greetings fellow talonians, especially to the GM's. Lately, I've been farming in sleepers and noticed players BB'ng and/or DB'ng in the sleepers map, sometimes near the entrance. Sleepers are common faming maps for "not-yet geared" players and BB'ng and DB'ng there is like a terrorizing act against newbies like me. I suggest to include the sleepers farming map (El Mes Plateau, yuno_fild06 ) to the existing list of maps where DB'ng and BB'ng is restricted. Im sure many other new players would like to suggest the same and I am speaking in behalf of them. Please be considerate. Thanks.
  15. Ok, suppose I have enough zeny to buy the max qty. of items I want, Is the weight capacity being referred to by Arcadia also includes the capacity of my cart (yeah Im a merchant)?
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