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  1. selling list~ Short Cat Ears Costume = 170m or offer Walking Orange Tabby Cat Costume = 160m or offer in game ID : Arigaddo or Kitty Baby
  2. SungMi

    Khrei's Leech Service

    His leech is the best on the talonro server. This is Fact.
  3. hi~ i selling +7 shwerwood [clean] +7 Mjolnir [DBpK] +9 Woolfheiden [devil] Pm to Message or my in game ID : Kitty Baby Have a nice day~
  4. SungMi

    9 artemisbow

    Thx for howrh~ I have been very helpful!!!!!!
  5. SungMi

    9 artemisbow

    Wow 18b.... Very expensive... THX NattWara~~
  6. SungMi

    9 artemisbow

    How much to 9 arte bow? And.... who is selling this item??
  7. hi~ i selling +9Vilet Fear[FS5,FS5] / +9 Book of Earth Mother please~ offer Massage to me~
  8. Hi B> SG Gear +9 BOOK OF any...[card any] Message to me~~
  9. Hi B> SG Gear +9 BOOK OF any...[card any] Message to me~~
  10. hi~ guys~ i selling Rainbow Sigrun Costume~ offer please~ game in ID : A Silent Voice or mail to me~
  11. Bloody Eater [2x Sword Guardian][FS7][FS4] = 50m i interesting~ massage to me
  12. Hi guys~ Why expensive to AEGIS? Lord of the Dead not respond?
  13. SungMi

    S> +7Arte [clean]

    Hi I selling + 7 arte [clean] Offer please. Massage to me.
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