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  1. IGN: Edwado Costumes: Wandering Minstrel Hat, Protection Feathers Costume and Protection Cloth Costume
  2. Edwado

    Stat Saver

    Dang, I just noticed that @howrah said the same xD Prolly we were writing at same time xd
  3. Edwado

    Stat Saver

    It was literally brought up week ago or so, actually it is in plans.
  4. Edwado

    Amor Crafting

    I can smell divinity original sin referrence here My little eye says it's a great idea,ofc if stuff needed to craft stuff like diabolous robe will be super mega hard then market shouldn't break on cheap d.robes and other expensive stuff that still will be profitable to farm (d.robe +3 dex IM COMMING)
  5. Build saver would be so....lovely! I just cannot remind how many times i've reset my build to ME from tank build and little after i was asked to join ET/Seal/Shrine/GMC/Life as tank. And all those points... 10 heal, 10 bless 1 pneuma 10 agi 2 angelus some bane and protection, dont forget about cure and aqua benedicta........ welp, a lot of clicking and it's just 1st job. Also tombs without timers or death time ia good idea, coz i often look after dead osiris or other bishop for X time just to get scolded by friends that im looking for dead mvp and time for it is far away from my possibilities. +666 for this suggestion ❤️
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