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  1. Eh... Since I didn't say a word yet... I will say something. @Sinshine AROUND EDGE ARE RUNES (RED) NOT ZIGZAGS!!! AND THE ZIGZAGS ARE AT THE BAND (YELLOW)!!! Have a good day~~~~ *Goes back to hitting some innocent bears... irl, the plush ones don't get me bad... perverts*
  2. Edwado

    Itou's Atelier

    *giggles* @Mei Magnolia *runs away* PREPARE FOR BEING EATEN.
  3. Edwado

    Kinyo's attempts to draw Animu

    Calls @Mei Magnolia *hides* *giggles* prepare for being eaten by artwolf!
  4. Edwado

    Autumn Event | TalonRO Headgear Contest

    IGN: Edwado Costumes: Wandering Minstrel Hat, Protection Feathers Costume and Protection Cloth Costume
  5. Edwado

    Knight again - After 12 years absence

    As for accessory I can reccomend cat hand gloves, they are quite cheap, provide survivality stats (necklace, brooch and rosary in one!) while having slot. Basically you can also be interested in looking after some nice 2h sword like violet fear or some alternative.. Krasnaya. You can always lurk around with auto counter build, since it's so underestimated! GL with coming back to our prison of grind....err sentimental game! P.S You might be interested in enchanting eden boots IV with eden enchantmens, it's quite decent in price and can provide you extra str, since +9 boots with antique firelock are....hellish expensive. Otherwise I suggest investing into vidar's shoes, you get juicy +9% for hp/sp.
  6. Edwado

    Stat Saver

    Dang, I just noticed that @howrah said the same xD Prolly we were writing at same time xd
  7. Edwado

    Stat Saver

    It was literally brought up week ago or so, actually it is in plans.
  8. Edwado

    Amor Crafting

    I can smell divinity original sin referrence here My little eye says it's a great idea,ofc if stuff needed to craft stuff like diabolous robe will be super mega hard then market shouldn't break on cheap d.robes and other expensive stuff that still will be profitable to farm (d.robe +3 dex IM COMMING)
  9. Edwado

    Fun and unorthodox builds

    PvM clown. It's a rare to meet PvM clown.
  10. Edwado

    Build Saver and Tombstone

    Build saver would be so....lovely! I just cannot remind how many times i've reset my build to ME from tank build and little after i was asked to join ET/Seal/Shrine/GMC/Life as tank. And all those points... 10 heal, 10 bless 1 pneuma 10 agi 2 angelus some bane and protection, dont forget about cure and aqua benedicta........ welp, a lot of clicking and it's just 1st job. Also tombs without timers or death time ia good idea, coz i often look after dead osiris or other bishop for X time just to get scolded by friends that im looking for dead mvp and time for it is far away from my possibilities. +666 for this suggestion ❤️
  11. Edwado

    Bow/Whip/Guitar element calculation

    Basically if your weapon is diffrent element than neutral then neutral arrows get enchanted with weapon's element. For example i'm using Electric Guitar (wind element) and oridecon arrows (neutral). In that case my oridecon arrows behave like wind arrows but with ATK of oridecon ones.
  12. Edwado

    need advice

    I would suggest joining odin party, coz it's sooooo great (and boring) but the fact is that you can just pick some ppl from recruit channel or do stuff alone in for example...rachel sanc F1. It's great exp and money at same time, you just need to switch to dex type, wisely use quagmire and fire wall, rest is in SG and LoV. You can also poke siromas with JT to get meh exp but useful cards or bully some goats. Ofc there are also eden quests and their basic gear with pretty useful enchants. Hmmm, endless SGing zombies doesnt sound like fun...but can do a job as well. There is also LoVing anolians, they give great exp, but you need agi up and quagmire + sight blaster if you want to get good results. I also recommend using lvl 1 SG as fast freezing way so you will have extra time to put pillars/walls/quagms/stronger spell
  13. Edwado

    Gunslinger elemental bullets

    In Einbroch, just head NW from the spawn, to the nearest building with "Arms" sign.
  14. Edwado

    Assassin vs Rogue cheap farmer

    It's only me or recently many posts has been revived by dark magic? Let Lord Baphomet's priest @My Wife for Hire take care of it.
  15. Edwado

    S>Calibre Seal Services [CLOSED]

    Could you PM what will be a price for all 4 seals? Thanks