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  1. Lightning Bolt Card

    *Doing a voodo ritual* Ressurection !! +1 Coz almost nobody (except desperated sages who were kicked from parties coz they can "only cast bolts") use that skill. Mainly because there is no boost for it like for fire bolt or cold bolt. Also that skill is kinda unterminated coz of Magnus Opus which is wizzy's Jupitel Thunder that can be simply spammed if it is used by OPed wizzy. Even PvP could be a bit easier for poor sages, coz there are plenty of water, fire reduce items like armors (i dont even say about GTB at unres)... but someone know what is Aebecee's Raging Typhoon Armor? Is this headgear? Maybe shield? Or even dokebi card. So in my opinion its a great idea to add Lightning Bolt boosting card :3
  2. S>Calibre Seal Services [CLOSED]

    Could you PM what will be a price for all 4 seals? Thanks
  3. new beta control panel

    Well... In my opinion new control is pretty cool. I can finally look at transparent plates that the price i want to check or download items that people are buying. Though i miss one thing. I mean looking in selling shops by seller name or selling shop name