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  1. Wanderer [NT-WoE/Social/PvM]

    To the top and even higher!
  2. Newbie Farming for new rogue

    Welp, if it comes to ME HP at niff you still need decent gears or a lot of B.gems to provide costs of SW and ME. Ofc. everything depends on your money status, but judging by sentence "fairly new" I think that a good idea could be holy stick combo and MEing at GHC >.>
  3. Hmm... try to use calculator with morpheus' shawl, it should allow you to onehit mobs there but the price will be not using deviling. (Don't do that if you are using proxy xd)
  4. RNG doesn't look at your luck, it ignores it Unless u're super lucky person who can do +10 hood on first try xd
  5. Probability of baby extended classes?

    Baby Star Gladiator is a great idea to make film called "The fury of little hands" It would be soooooo cute if they were implemented :3 Finally I will get chance to say that I was bullied by adult abuser
  6. Event | Advent Calendar Giveaway 2017

    I guess he mentioned that he found a code
  7. How do you decide the price for a costume?

    *Greedy Shallia appears* One zeny less than other ppl! xD
  8. Welp, Father Bump would be pround of me... BUMP!
  9. Prepare Me a Song

    Ho Ho Ho! Christmas time is the best time in the year, gifts and smiles, everything good in such a happy time! For this occasion I've prepared some carol for our community! Behold! The carol starts now! IGN: Edwado Challenges: Welp, since there is only one (sometimes I wonder how blind Im) I will pick sing it challenge! Tho... It sounds rather like beast that is slaughtered.... And I got picture before I noticed that it needs to be landscape T_T (Edit. But now it's fixed!) Original carol: We Three Kings My lyrics: My "Professional" vocal... Sometimes I wonder why i sound like that xD Warning! This audio may destroy your ears! XD Merry Christmas everyone! I would like to wish you wonderful Christmas filled with happiness and joy. The time spent with family is the most precious in whole life, so may you spend this very special time with your family and friends. Once again, Merry Christmas! P.S Special thanks to my friend B l a n k i e t a <3 He's the best when it comes to art!
  10. divine cross or dark thorn +7 for ME abbey

    Look at monster buffs and your mystery will be solved
  11. Mad's Guide for Gypsy and Clown

    I guess that on high end PvM ppl are using Lv4 weapons, like arte or belmont
  12. Wanderer [NT-WoE/Social/PvM]

    For recrutation, you might PM me on discord My nick is the same as my character name, Rytm. Join us and let my "love" spread P.S Susan I will kill you for not saying me anything that u made a topic on forum
  13. Lightning Bolt Card

    *Doing a voodo ritual* Ressurection !! +1 Coz almost nobody (except desperated sages who were kicked from parties coz they can "only cast bolts") use that skill. Mainly because there is no boost for it like for fire bolt or cold bolt. Also that skill is kinda unterminated coz of Magnus Opus which is wizzy's Jupitel Thunder that can be simply spammed if it is used by OPed wizzy. Even PvP could be a bit easier for poor sages, coz there are plenty of water, fire reduce items like armors (i dont even say about GTB at unres)... but someone know what is Aebecee's Raging Typhoon Armor? Is this headgear? Maybe shield? Or even dokebi card. So in my opinion its a great idea to add Lightning Bolt boosting card :3
  14. S>Calibre Seal Services [CLOSED]

    Could you PM what will be a price for all 4 seals? Thanks