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  1. Shallia

    Azura formula

    Oh right, i forgot to mention about calc, thank you howrah ❤️
  2. Shallia

    Azura formula

    It's Asura not Azura And formula is: [(Weapon ATK + Base ATK) * (8 + Sp/10) + 250 + (150*Skill Lvl)] * Card effects Remember that asura need 1 sp to activate which isn't counted into DMG pool.
  3. Shallia

    Converters in Vanilla

    Welp, deviling and ghostring's cards aren't enabled in vanilla mode anyway, and coventers are probably prohibited to avoid element swapping like mad.
  4. Shallia

    Comment About The Person Above You

  5. Shallia

    The Book Slapper Guide! (Professor Hindsight)

    Scaraba iirc
  6. Shallia

    Comment About The Person Above You

    Meh, rather best guinea pig to test statuses.
  7. Shallia

    3rd class' skin?

    I'm not sure if it's possible due to legendary "limitations" of current client, but with proper manipulation of grf files you should be able to replace job skins with the 3rd class skins Ofc, such modifications are allowed as long as its not affecting gameplay (like super big items, cards, big heads of specific class or gray maps out of pvp)
  8. Cheaper version! (safier and without food that might expire in the most unfortunate moment) https://calc.talonro.com/?caDbLbibJababbLaFabaiaabkkaFaFawawljeikaaaaaahkaawidWukePc7lsaaAobDnMfanMfaeeeeajkkkfaafaabkkaaEaaaflfaaah5aaaaHadaaa Let the valk suffer.
  9. Welp, maybe this will work, enough dmg to one shot angel, quite cheap (doesn't include sqi) and with IC. Armor can be free to choose, i just randonly picked orlean due to fact it's quite popular. https://calc.talonro.com/?caDbLbibJababbLaFabaiaapohaFaFaFaaljedTaaaaaahkaaumaawElfhPlsaafkgZvsaavsaaeeeeajkkkfaafaabkkaaaaaaflfaaah5aaaaHadaaa Rip, i didn't read that it should be without gloom xD
  10. Shallia

    Wanderer [Open Trans Vanilla/Closed NT-WoE/Social/PvM]

    I believe it's golden/yellow, but link was killing my view ,-,
  11. Shallia

    Wanderer [Open Trans Vanilla/Closed NT-WoE/Social/PvM]

    This time we will be in Manuk, I hope we will meet there :3
  12. Shallia

    Monster skills on monster database

    Also there is skill analize on RMS if you look for certain mob's skill set
  13. Shallia

    PvM Clown

    Well, it's the way i like to play, but AV build is still nice, especially with Electric Guitar and some nice carding! Actually you might consider playing Musical Strike build since SQI boosts it and it can be spamable
  14. Shallia

    PvM Clown

    Dang, saw, don't discourage people to bards... Clowns are fine, even great if used properly. For example this optimum int guide. Also clowns are more than useful at PvP or WoE, where they don't suffer from cooldown-penalty and i won't comment how i hate snixes who hide their bards at the corner of arena and play hide&seek. Also if bragi is combined with another non-META skill (prepare for forgotten name), Meteor Storm it can make wonders.
  15. Shallia

    Wanderer [Open Trans Vanilla/Closed NT-WoE/Social/PvM]

    To the top and even higher!