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  1. good day! can i request a detailed update about the changes regarding the mvp time frame spawn? which mvp change time interval and which is not. thanks~
  2. Leftovers [PvM/Social]

    im still the 1st comment bump
  3. TalonRO On Twitch & YouTube

    oh sorry. forgot to put it. anywy i already edited. thanks!
  4. TalonRO On Twitch & YouTube

    https://www.twitch.tv/EIGHTHLETTER @Eul#6502 thanks~
  5. Leftovers [PvM/Social]

    you can finish that 30min. if i was there. LOL
  6. Leftovers [PvM/Social]

    here it is.. others incoming
  7. About Pet

    i would like to suggest custom effects for pets. since not to many people isnt on using pets.. even if they give good stats or effects, i hardly see them on high end runs.. why not make custom pets that gives 5-10% exp boost if got loyal for each race/property for example.. agni = fire property 10% exp boost.. something like that.. with this, we can really boost up the use of pets..


  10. B> VAC WHITE

  11. B> VAC WHITE

    im looking for Vicious Aura Costume White.. i need a reasonable price. OP ignored. just msg me here. thanks~ already bought. closed.
  12. the next person who comment after me will be forever alone IRL.
  13. Leftovers [PvM/Social]

    bump~ youre not there yet my friend, im a solo too.. but i cant still see that wall.... lol
  14. The Amazing Summer Race 2016 Summer Event

    i open 3 pro box got 1 wild rider egg 1 pouring egg 1 white rose princess costume
  15. Nothing to look forward to.

    Ive got nothing to say.. this is gettng me hyped up... sleepless nights incoming!!!!! yeyy!! a big thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaankkkkkkkkksssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for u guys!!! thanks for the hardwork.. muahhhhhhhhh!!