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  1. hi! i tried to put starcrumb on while trying to polish my raw gems... and actually u can put starcrumb on the window that appear before you cut your gems, i was thinking, does it boost or add the success chance of jewelcutting?
  2. Classes to play alone

    i played almost all class. but in the end.. I see that Sniper is the best so far... can play solo and can join high end PT runs..
  3. i see that the reflect shield skill is not working on sealed shrine quest.. i was thinking of using orc lord card for the old meta build on this quest.. does orc lord card or the reflect works on bapho even hes in invulnerble form? or nerfed already?
  4. Leftovers Recruiting [PvM/Social]

    Hi Mari* some of our members mybe busy farming with their alts.. though we usually hangout 13:00 - 17:00 server time.. meet us in louyang. wth?? hahaha

    well i believe we are all in the same page in regards of progress/achievements of every class we have.. i dont really care how rich or how strong you are. no one complain because its just few zenny... and can be obtain easily on what level of experience and gears we have. im not really after some loots or some few zenny here.. im just pointing out that loots should be properly shared even if the value is not that high.. i know some of your members and they are nice ppl actually..

    mybe because u dont really give shares to the ppl ousitde ur guild.. its just that you recruit people that spent supplies and time get nothing in return.. i will understnd tht if sometimes mvp has no drop.. but there is.. i even ask some member(which is my friend) of the party if they already recieved the share but sadly nothng. btw pt leader name is UltimateRush.

    lol this guild doesnt give shares.. pt with them 2x on GMC.. even some of my friend pt with et runs. still doesnt give share. sad..
  8. Manuk foods

    thanks for the replies.. imma try to browse it.. i did the doha's secret order quest, but sadly never saw tht food items along the quest prerequisites
  9. Manuk foods

    do we have the this on our server? Manuk's opportunity, item #: 12342. i was browsing our database and i saw it.. i tried to search it but i cant see any related quest regarding that food item... is it available here? or obtainable?
  10. Leftovers Recruiting [PvM/Social]

    2017! still kickin.
  11. Leftovers Recruiting [PvM/Social]

    Juking Nacht Seiger(supposed to be naght) on top of Endless Tower.. atlastt.... a smooth run
  12. it became suddenly lag.

    it seems fine now.. thanks for the replies~
  13. it became suddenly lag.

    good day! its been almost 5months since i played in this server and i do fine.. no lags. no problem. until recently it became so lag. it was like my character are body relocating while walking... i always monitor my ping while playing. it ranges to 40-60ms ony.. no packet loss. so im pretty sure this lag is server side... its just that its annoying to play with this lagging issues.. and some ppl including my friends ang guildies experiencng this sudden lag too.. so its not just me. i hope you can manage to fix this recent lag. i cant even enjoy those holloween events and cant even do my daily routine anymore. Thanks~
  14. Leftovers Recruiting [PvM/Social]

    we doing something like this. come and join~