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  1. brian devore

    How to carry in Odin F3 as a Paladin?

    Focusing on frus / skogul as a SC pally is smart, you can always add DPS to skeggs once those pesky mobs are gone. Brocca switch works great, and you dont have to change element or armor (keep gloom for max dmg). i think my pally does 25-26k shield chain on skeggs with bless , no megs
  2. Just throw some AK cards in a pike and be amazed at your damage on boss monsters
  3. Shield Chain pally is super OP, i could kill many different MVPs alone
  4. brian devore

    What does LK excel at?

    i think he's talking about LK being able to do vamp build as well. but that's pretty much the least of LK's strengths
  5. brian devore

    Spiral Pierce or Shield Chain

    These are my 2 favorite skills. spiral can reach 20k+ Dmg with enchant and no sqi, but the after cast delay is pretty high and you won't have a shield. the def pierce is nice too. Also nice is your build not requiring str for damage Shield chain can reach 10-15k dmg without sqi, and is more spammable than spiral. it is always neutral , and rental brocca will cause it to pierce def like spiral pierce does. obviously allows for use of shield defensive skills as well
  6. brian devore

    Katana+10 or Violet Fear

    actually, sniper card and kiel do work with bb. i had my vampally weapon and tested it with LK in niff. tho the damage was pretty low, so you may not find this build worth investing into
  7. brian devore

    Weapon Against Sleepers

    Rental brocca / IP will both allow you to 1hit sleepers without using self-buffs