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  1. Since special kahos aren't "costumes", there's no preview button for them on the talon shop, and unfortunately, the dressing coach is inside a place where we cant access the talon shop. Is there a way we can access BOTH dressing coach and talon shop altogether? Right now, you can only view the TShop from the outside, go through 2 portals to the dressing coach, and go BACK outside to browse more kahos. Also for PCBs as well. Maybe add a special Kaho/PCB npc next to the dressing coach and have the browse system like the one when you change your hair style.
  2. Maybe a maximum of 3 days missed. A little band-aid for the loss of "on-the-go voting".
  3. I think I agree with AG. If we cant vote on the go, then consider adding a buffer of like 3 days. You can do it three times in one day if you missed the two previous days.
  4. You can add an "attendance sheet" somewhere as a website function or a forum function. You get only 20 points instead of 40. I agree that it sucks that theres no online-only option now. It was the only way I could still earn TC while on vacation, business trip, or away from computer.
  5. Amistr' ultimate also has the long cooldown (15mins) so you can also look into balancing that the same since they the bottom 2 homuns that rely on their ultimates to level.
  6. Ah, yeah, then this thread would serve more of a discussion on how to buff lif back again. You have to consider that a twenty minute cooldown for a vital spell is too much though right? The most damaging spell in this game had its after-cast cooldown nerfed and it was still only 10 seconds. Maybe consider bringing it to 1 minute on cooldown and make the homun lose 2 intimacy point per cast. With that effect, you lose 3 intimacy on 2 casts in 10 minutes (-2 x 2 casts + 1intimacy on feeding during that 10 minutes).
  7. Look at it this way: Having an infinite mental charge duration was the STANDARD pre-iduna. If homunculi was ranked from worst to best, it was ranked as-is, in its current state. Iduna just introduced a NERF to the homun, same as Iduna nerfing some aspects of the game that you or any other developer "un-fixed". If you deemed Mental Charge bypass OP before, but couldnt fix it until Iduna then thats understandable, but it IS nerfed now, and this thread is more of a discussion of Lif's current state with this nerf. If you treated Infinite MC as not overpowered pre-iduna, then reducing the aftercast delay back to 0 would bring it back to the OLD WAY. Oh, also, the whole balance issue is really useless while theres still bugs surrounding MC being cancelled on TP or any other unique scenarios.
  8. Iduna fixed many bugs that were present pre-iduna, one of this fix is Lif users being able to spam Mental Charge by vaporizing and re-summoning Lif before the five minutes is up, effectively bypassing the TWENTY MINUTE cooldown of the skill. This fix is deemed intentional and probably permanent based on the response on its bug report. With a twenty minute cooldown and a slew of other bugs CANCELLING the mental charge state by teleporting, vaporizing, etc. It seems that Lif is fucked in leveling and overall being useful as a homun. Imagine leveling in GHC for five minutes and sitting back in Eden for twenty. Its great that changes were done to most of the homuns to encourage using other homuns than Vanil. I feel this is a step back. How would YOU buff Lif in other ways if youre going to keep this change?
  9. The easter debuff bug is currently kicking my ass, so I want to farm the items before I activate the 1 hour quest instead. I know the list is random and I want to farm all of them beforehand.
  10. The bright white background hurts my eyes. Please have a dark mode. That is all. Thank you.
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