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  1. I will also try my best, but no promises on quality.
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    Nades Shop Of Stuff

    Hey guys, Trying to liquidate some stuff. Costumes: Happy Summer Ribbon Costume Sniper Goggles Costume Chain Puppet Costume Small Deviling Costume Hot blooded Headband Costume Drooping Lif Costume Galapago Cap Costume Resting Swan Costume Weapons: +7 Hardcover Book [int+2][dex+3] [1] +7 Heart Breaker (bapho card) [agi+3][sharp3] +8 Double Nightmare Hypnotist Staff Shields: Tournament Shield [1] Armor: Garmet: Dragons Breath [1] +7 Mocking Novice Manteau Accessories: Supreme Novice Armlets (Sting) x2 Spiritual Ring Pets: Garm Baby Egg Cards: Demon Pungus Card Wraith Card Elder Card Venatu Card Zombie Slaughter Card Just leave an offer for anything or PM me the offer.
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    Charity | TalonRO Gives Back!

    Many companies offer matching gift programs to encourage employees to contribute to charitable organizations. Meaning if you work for a company that has one of these programs implemented--they may match you for a certain amount. In other words, you donate 5 dollars they will match your donation for 5 dollars--so the charity would get 10 dollars for your 5 dollar donation. If you don't work for a company that has one of these programs implemented--just put no in the form. I only know because the company I used to work for had implemented one of sorts.
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    What Are You Listening To?

    Eternity Forever - Fantasy Chon - Anything by them
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    Hi I'm Aly and I'm looking for friends

    Welcome back to Talon! *Waves*
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    Clearing Storage Mania

    Let me know if you have any Priest WoE gears on sale... I don't know much about gearing for a priest here but I want to get my guild into it.
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    Hello, I'm Venya. New in this server xD

    Enjoy your stay Ven :3
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    Trying to start again, again

    Welcome back. :]
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    Some art

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    Mostly I play video game music and anime music or compose my own stuff.. But sometimes I play classically.. I will totally play whatever you want for TC.