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  1. Mickz

    Mickz PvP/WoE Video Collection

    Collection of some screenshots from 2013 - 2017 Ragnarok Online is a game that does not have an official ending. I'm happy to leave this game and say i completed it. Thank you and goodbye Talon Ro. Mickz
  2. Mickz

    TalonRo Full install doesn't work

    Perhaps try right click the icon and run as admin ?
  3. Mickz

    Checking items you vend through forum account

    Take a screenshot of your vend.
  4. Mickz

    Single Slot Swordbreaker and Mailbreaker

    I don't understand why you think making these weapons with a slot would make it "interesting". "the majority of the time they are used is to troll. " The weapons general purpose is to break gear, what do you expect? Please enlighten us how making these slotted would make them not used to troll the majority of the time. Everyone will card it with a doppel, like i said previously. Then we will just have classes with low aspd using them.
  5. Mickz

    Game won't start

    Quarantine section > restore > allow this as an exception?
  6. Mickz

    Single Slot Swordbreaker and Mailbreaker

    I don't see the improvement benefit of the PvP scene (Which must be the only scene you would use these, WoE everyone uses FCP) The proc rate feels very high already, with a slot everyone will just be using this with a doppel to troll. I dont see the point of making this item of "interest".
  7. Mickz

    Nightmare's Rift: Origins Video

    Just a quick put together video.