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  1. @HeartlessPiracy Thank you . I started the quest almost immediately after they launched it, and it was a bit of a pain then, to be honest . Everyone who was doing it at that time was helping each other on @main and @map, it was not clear what to do, where to go, and how to "collect" the Amistrs once you found them. I thought that maybe not everybody has the patience to go through it, so I made the guide. As for the Red Envelopes: it's not confirmed (at least not to my knowledge) whether giving more envelopes at once increases your chances of getting Manchu back faster. It seems to be purely a matter of luck, different people report different results . I'd be happy to update the guide once it's confirmed! Edit: Updated the guide anyway, crediting you for the suggestion.
  2. I wrote a detailed guide, you can read it here: https://forum.talonro.com/index.php?topic=70129.0 Enjoy!
  3. I assume it has to be a drawing of some kind? Or does does it have to be - or can be - a physical mascot, for example, knit ?
  4. Could anyone be so nice as to post screenshots and/or descriptions of all three prizes? That'd be much appreciated .
  5. Hope someone will make a guide soon . Lazy me... Soooo curious about the prizes . A costume? A hat? A pet? To whoever finds out first: share with us!
  6. Hate to be a pesimist, but I don't see how we could achieve the goal and get the 12x rate . Click on the Christmas Tree and see for yourself; there's a loooooooooooooooooot more to do and the event will come to an end in just about a week, on the 1st of January. Judging by the current scores, it'd be a heck of a victory if we managed to make it somehow . Fingers crossed, though! @Any GM How long will the 12x rate last? 24hrs I assume?
  7. @zagyu From what I can gather, they are. At least the egg.
  8. That's a one scary announcement .
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