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    Regarding voting

    I ran into this issue recently, when my fiancée decided she wants to start playing with me :). I took it straight to GMs, to be 100% sure we're not violating any rules. So, two things: 1) Your sister needs to vote from a different IP. What we're doing is, my fiancée is simply voting from her phone, but not connected to our home network - she's on the carrier's network (you know, LTE/4G/3G, what have you) when she's voting. After she's done voting, she just simply turns the wifi back ON. Just remember: your sister is going to have to do that every single time she's voting. If you don't have a phone/you don't have a data plan on your phone, you still have options. From the top of my head: you can use a VPN when voting, or vote from a friend's house/friend's phone/public library (different internet connection = different IP). 2) You also have to remember to not, for instance, transfer all her coins straight to you (that's coming directly from GM's mouth). If you do the above, you'll have your cake and eat it too: you'll both be able to vote and you'll be perfectly safe from breaking any rules.
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    Musisz doinstalować trochę szitu:
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    No, i fajno .
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    Dychamy . Zapraszamy do Gon, na lewo od statuły/kafry . Szukaj gildii Paradoksalni lub Another.
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    Potwierdzam i również zapraszam .
  6. Was planning to add info about slots too . Great job, thanks! P.S. Will go over your section again soon and see if I can get it to fit into the overall narration of the guide better.
  7. @Yumma Glad to see another great soul joining Talon .
  8. Updated the entry on the Wiki, too.
  9. Updated the guide to include the info about the server's drop rate affecting the % drop chance and incorporated the server's drop rate into calculations in examples.
  10. @ragnarok_champ Checked the code you pasted: if that's what's used here on Talon, then you're right about this my friend. As long as no changes were made by GMs/admins, which I wouldn't be so sure of, given how customized Talon is .
  11. Yes, server's Drop Rate affects the % drop chance. So, if - currently - Luna Kaleet [3] has a 0.5% chance to drop Green Salad on kill, in-game it's really a 1.5% chance (0.5% * 3x server's drop rate). Analogically, OBB from Mimic Card is 0.3% (0.1% * 3), Mastela Fruit Wine from Wine Cup is 0.3% (0.1% * 3), Green Live from Dryad Card is 3% (1% * 3), and so on. P.S. I was going to add this to the guide (will do today).
  12. I would, but can't make any changes until my request to join is approved . Made an account already.
  13. Got it . Btw, could you grant my a wiki membership? I'd like to update/change some things in this guide on the wiki.
  14. @azurhialine Judging by the level of chaos, they were dead wasted . And yes, you're right. Ok, to sum up, so it's clear: 1) Two High Priest Cards equipped won't "sum up" - meaning, they won't give you 2% total chance to cast Assumptio on yourself, but also, they will not be calculated separately, each on its own. So basically, it's like you're wearing just one High Priest Card, instead of two. Pointless. 2) Having a Soul Ring and a High Priest Card both equipped won't "sum up" either - so here, too, you won't get 2% total chance to cast Assumptio on yourself, but in this case, they will be calculated separately. So your chance to cast Assumptio will occur twice, but each with a 1% chance to success. 3) Having two Mimic Cards is the same as the scenario above - the won't "sum up", you won't get 0.2% total chance (or 0.6%, based on the server's drop rate) to drop an OBB, but they will be calculated separately, each on its own. So, again, your chance to drop an OBB will occur twice, but each with a 0.1% chance to success (or, again, 0.3% chance, based on the server's drop rate). It's the same thing like for example with the Shinobi Sash + Ninja Suit combo. You will not get the bonuses twice, calculated separately for each Shinobi you have equipped. So you won't get total +600 HP and 40% reduction in SP consumption of skills total in bonuses. You'll just get the bonus once: +300 HP and 20% reduction in SP consumption of skills. High Priest Card, Soul Ring, Mimic Card, Shinobi Sash and Ninja Suit - used only as examples, to illustrate the issue. General idea applies to all other items/cards of that type.
  15. I have two things for you . You're not gonna like it. 1) The sooner you realize how extremely messy, just purely chaotic, the whole RO mechanics and back-end is, the better. I have a some/decent experience with digging into the code, mechanics, changing things, etc, and I cal tell you this: Graviti's developers either: - were drunk when they made RO - were just not good programmers in general, to put it nicely (I myself am a programmer, so seeing this stuff just blows my mind every single time) - were chaising a deadline and had to cut corners when developing RO You wouldn't believe how big of a mess RO really is, behind the scenes. The naming conventions of files (that, for example, animations consist of), the folder structure, how they are encoded, what rules apply to what scenarios when calculating things - one big mess. So even if you manage to find what you were looking for sometimes - don't get too excited, because it's almost certain the thing you found won't apply to other things, even if you think they should, because it would just be logical. No real patterns you can rely on. Changing one thing changes few/dozen others. One thing is split into five parts, and each of them is scattered all over the place, and you need to hunt thel all down to put them together into one working thing, that you'll study/change. Things like that. 2) With things like that, a lot depends on how far the GMs/admins of a particular server took the customization. That applies not only to just small changes like reducing/increasing a % drop chance of a certain item from a certain card/piece of equipment, but also the mechanics behind calculating X (insert whatever you like: damage, potion creation, proccing, sky's the limit). So, you can speculate on many things, but you'll never know for sure. Not unless someone higher up clarifies is for you . You can check the raw code, on check how it is on other servers, or check the official scripts for things: but that will only tell you that it works like this and there there. It doesn't necessarily translates to the server you're currently playing on.