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  1. The Avengers

    Yup, alles perfekt danke dir!
  2. The Avengers

    Huhu, ich bin nach einer Pause zu RO zurückgekehrt und aktuell auf der Suche nach einer Gilde. Hab nen 94 ME HP mit moderater Equip. Wäre cool bei euch nen Anschluss zu finden
  3. Hello everyone, I became somewhat nostalgic about RO after talking with some friends and I recently started playing again, this time on TalonRO like a week ago or so. My first impression was great and therefore I kept playing, spending a lot of heart and soul into my character. I have a lot of experience from other servers back in the old days. However there might probably be some content I'm not familiar with or just don't remember anymore, because the last time I played was about 2-3 years ago~ hehe I just created myself a priest and since im hitting lvl 99 soon I'm looking for a guild with friendly ppl to party up or just hang out with. That would be really nice.