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  1. It's been a while since I logged back in. 

  2. Jorri

    When good leecher turns bad :(

    Looking at your screenie right there, I was obviously offering an hourly rate since I was offering you to try my service for one hour first, and if not satisfied, we can end. The very first line says it all for me. I was charging by the hour, and not for packages. When you paid me the money, I thought that you were availing the service for 2 hours. What I did was only estimate the duration. I said 'could', and not 'will'. It wasn't a definite answer for your level 99 goal. I'm sorry if that's what you feel, but I wouldn't really agree on the 'customer is always right' thing. Customer or provider, we are all equal. Else, if I'd let you trample on my clean record, I'd look bad and eventually lose potential buyers.
  3. Jorri

    When good leecher turns bad :(

    Hello. The said leechee here. (You are the leecher since you leech from my exp, like tutor (teaches) and tutee (being taught)). Anyway, I have my own set of screenshots, and as I have stated before the leeching session that I charge per hour. (Check screenshots) The only reason that I asked for a payment of 6m was that you (leecher) asked me how long it would take for me to get you to 99. And so I made an estimate of 2 hours since it seemed as a reasonable duration. Since I charge 3m per hour, multiply that by 2, you get 6m. Clearly, this is a misunderstanding. You thought I was selling packages, I thought you knew I was selling at hourly rates. But I explicitly stated it before the leeching session started. When you told me that I have to get you to 99 no matter what (and that you have the time), I thought you'll be just adding the deficit from your initial payment when the session is over. Also, I wasn't fed up with the situation, nor will I ever be. Dying, over-crowdedness, and depletion of supplies happen all the time, and it's normal. It's part of the game and I totally welcomed it. I stop the running clock whenever I re-supply, and I'm sure I haven't whined about it. I just said that there's a lot of parties, that I died so I would go back to pront to resupply since I'm running low, and I would stop the time until I get back. I don't own abbey so I can't control which party enters, and I'm not a pro to no longer die in there, but I do my job diligently. I leeched you for what you paid for, and that was it. A couple more screenshots. This was after the leeching session. Ignore hearty's messages. All other party chats were covered due to bonus bundle. This is what's left of them.
  4. Jorri

    Cheer me up (card hunting stories)

    Would you give me your card, with your number on it?
  5. Jorri

    S>Husky Hat and White and Black Temptation

    Notice me senpais~
  6. Jorri

    S>Husky Hat and White and Black Temptation

    Added another cutie~
  7. Jorri

    S>Husky Hat and White and Black Temptation

  8. Jorri

    S>Husky Hat and White and Black Temptation

    Notice me, Senpai~