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  1. So the facebook image for this post is Ace's avatar Lol.
  2. Yesterday I was doing Kiel quest and killed 2 galapagos. Coincidentally I got 1 tequila and another drop.
  3. Is it just with me or main website doesn't open?
  4. Whats up with all this dex? O.O
  5. oh lololol I knew it was ALL Borat's phails
  6. I wonder. Did you F5 (Refresh) the page? Depends on what kind of set session time. Your cookies can even keep some information avoiding a new select. Next time close your browse and then search again. PS: You know databases are in another server so theres a delay on connecting to it.
  7. Choice I didn't get it. Are you talking about a delay after the item is sold or it doesn't disappear at all? If this is about delay theres not much Dee can do about. If it doesn't disappear from website after a long time it has been sold the select command might be wrong. <3
  8. Wow Nice. LHZ3 would be more fun now!
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