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  1. Anthonylow

    Star Gladiator Feeling/Hatred Reset Guide (doridori)

    Help~ May I ask where is the reset star gladiator feeling skill npc at Payon?
  2. Anthonylow

    Need Help SQI Bonus and Stats

    hello..may i know how u get luk to 32+68? can show ur gear? thank
  3. I first played stalker do not know how to get my equipment and then go to geffenia farm. From now i just wearing a noob gear farm at mavka : LKH, Mid Gear [Str], Pirate Dagger, Normal Shirt [Bathory], Normal Knife [3x SG], Normal Garment [Deviling], Shoes [GEC], Black Cat, Rouge's Treasure. Without Buff And Two Hit BB Kill Mavka. I hope that there can be a master pointing me to geffenia. Thank ~
  4. Anthonylow

    Confused...Please give some advice..

    Stalker use Sherwood bow [ TTT ] + Megingjard x 2 better or Brisingamen x2 ?
  5. Anthonylow

    Where is the area for lv85~99?

    You better do abbey quest then go hugel find party