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  1. bunnilu's art freebies

    if possible i will want 1 slot, but i will send ref later, is that ok with you? Btw @Mei Magnolia is too fast! And welcome to art corner haha.
  2. Latif's Art X 15m~ (Gumroad-ish)

    @Latif I will, in the near future, once all of my items get settled .
  3. Latif's Art X 15m~ (Gumroad-ish)

    @Nefertina ♥sis going all out. Btw, nice work @Latif!
  4. Seals Service - From Aldebaran with Love <3 [OPEN]

    Just finished seals for @stuped and his wife. Hope you guys enjoyed the run .
  5. Seals Service - From Aldebaran with Love <3 [OPEN]

    @gctaekwon haha thanks bro, it was nice talking to you also :>.

    Hello @NattWara, we are currently inactive in this thread for now. However, we still sell leech, you can contact me (Syarrr) or Mike (BlueOnion) at Payon Dungeon for further details. Thanks. Rays.
  7. Seals Service - From Aldebaran with Love <3 [OPEN]

    Bumpie with another screenie of another customier~ This yuno seal, we met a bug at the ending portal so only my champ and buyer left with a cute angel .
  8. Would be a waste if i dont sign up for a slot! 1 slot please for Headshot/Bust, full detailed painting <3. I will pm you with details once this is confirmed <3.
  9. B> Royal Cooking Kit

    Hello, I want to buy many Royal Cooking Kit (RCK) at a fair price for both you guys and me. If possible, we can continue the contact so that you can provide me more RCK on a weekly/monthly basis. Thanks for paying attention to this thread, Rays.
  10. S/T > SN set

    Hello, please check your pm. Thanks thanks <3.
  11. B> Level 10 CookBook

    Hello, I need to buy a level 10 Cookbook. Please kindly message me the offer if you can. Thanks a lot for paying attention to this thread, Rays.

    HEllo @Zed X, Meet us at payon dungeon. The process for seals we will tell you. It's mostly going this route Manuk -> Nifhelm -> Pront -> Yuno. We prefer half payment after nifhelm and remaining after Yuno. We are available from 6pm -> 2am on weekdays (Monday to Thursday) and everytime on weekend. Payon Dungeon is our base. So you can pay us a visit there. I already pm-ed you the zeny payment. Contact us via here or IGN: Nox-D or Syarrr. Thanks, Rays.
  13. B> Suiken [TTT]

    Hello guys, As title, I wanna buy Suiken [TTT] (Turtle Generalx3). Please pm me offer here or whisper Syarrr / TheSellingOne in game. Thanks for your offer and paying attention to this thread, Rays.

    Hello @iDogggy, Our active time is around 6pm - 2am (GMT+8) for Monday to Thursday and full time on the rest of weekend. Feel free to pay us a visit at payon dungeon! Sincerely,

    Hello @yaobu1 , The total job exp to get from 50 to 70 is around 1.2b job exp according to Ratemyserver. This should take approximately 2hours+ if we duo SG + HP in DG. We will offer you 14m for this package as the rate is currently 6x. Sincerely, Rays.