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  1. GMC Lance

    Hello guys, I was browsing the forum and see this thread and it is actually amused that you guys are all talking about my guide for GMC Lance. Ye, it was hid by our mighty Boreas for the reason that @yujinori mentioned, and he actually unhid it after 3 weeks. But at the time, i found it no use anymore since almost everyone has already experienced the GMC, plus i dont want to spoil the fun for newcomers as well so i hid it again. Anyway, back to the topic of discussing GMC Lance. I was in the first pt to enter it and since then i have entered several more (as sniper role mostly). I would say in every GMC, champ is the role that has a more clear overview of how gmc runs should be done (that's why i still prefer champ role from time to time). GMC Lance is mostly water type, this leads people to a misleading understanding that HW can replace sniper damage. @braindead's case is an example of going 3 HWs and it didn't work well for his pt. Our pt's ideal roles would be: Hybird Champ Devo Pally 2 HWs 2 HPs 2 Snipers Prof Bio Last 2 slots can be 2 snipers but we rather go 8-10people The reason we go this setup is because: Many mvps and mobs with high flee. There are many water mvps and high hp mobs. Prof makes the damg higher with its skillsets (Gale, Volcano, Deluge). Even Land Protector and Web Lock are good because of the appearance of HW and Sinx lv 99 in f3. HW can't replace sniper's DPS when it comes to Earth mvps in f1 and ghost type mobs in f2 and f3, so 2 HWs are enough. Hybird Champ helps a ton in every GMC. We tested 2 HWs + 4 snipers and it wasn't faster. I would prefer 2 HWs + 1 Prof + 3 Snipers. For our setup, you would need some guys that know what they should be doing, especially the HPs and the Prof. Snipers should go crit gears, i guess, for the high flee mobs, if they dont have the true DS gears and the skill that allow them to hit the high flee mobs/mvps. In addition, Lance has Harden just like Muui, so a crit sniper should work perfectly fine. Regarding the HWs thingy, Sniper is always better (everyone knows this fact), I was in a pt and I almost always got mvps in that Lance run even though there were 2 HWs. Aside from, 2 HWs can help your pt split in f1 easily because of their crowd control and help kill Mutant Coelacanth and Kraken + some water mutants mobs faster, there are no other usage for more than 2 HWs pt. If you run more than 2 HWs, you will lose damg for Gypsy and Stalker MVP in f3. With Sniper, you can kill GEC rather fast also if you understand how GEC works. Last and not least, Prof helps HWs and Snipers a lot in killing those mvps/mobs, many people underrate Prof but i think Profs can see more appearances in other GMCs as well, not just Gemini. Those are my 2cents on the discussion. Hope we can get this discussion going xD.
  2. B> Royal Cooking Kit

    Hello, I want to buy many Royal Cooking Kit (RCK) at a fair price for both you guys and me. If possible, we can continue the contact so that you can provide me more RCK on a weekly/monthly basis. Thanks for paying attention to this thread, Rays.
  3. S/T > SN set

    Hello, please check your pm. Thanks thanks <3.
  4. B> Level 10 CookBook

    Hello, I need to buy a level 10 Cookbook. Please kindly message me the offer if you can. Thanks a lot for paying attention to this thread, Rays.

    HEllo @Zed X, Meet us at payon dungeon. The process for seals we will tell you. It's mostly going this route Manuk -> Nifhelm -> Pront -> Yuno. We prefer half payment after nifhelm and remaining after Yuno. We are available from 6pm -> 2am on weekdays (Monday to Thursday) and everytime on weekend. Payon Dungeon is our base. So you can pay us a visit there. I already pm-ed you the zeny payment. Contact us via here or IGN: Nox-D or Syarrr. Thanks, Rays.
  6. B> Suiken [TTT]

    Hello guys, As title, I wanna buy Suiken [TTT] (Turtle Generalx3). Please pm me offer here or whisper Syarrr / TheSellingOne in game. Thanks for your offer and paying attention to this thread, Rays.

    Hello @iDogggy, Our active time is around 6pm - 2am (GMT+8) for Monday to Thursday and full time on the rest of weekend. Feel free to pay us a visit at payon dungeon! Sincerely,

    Hello @yaobu1 , The total job exp to get from 50 to 70 is around 1.2b job exp according to Ratemyserver. This should take approximately 2hours+ if we duo SG + HP in DG. We will offer you 14m for this package as the rate is currently 6x. Sincerely, Rays.