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  1. Rayssss

    Nightmare's Rift: A Jester's Smile

    Thanks a lot for your quick reply! If so, we would like to grab the 4pm sv time slot.
  2. Rayssss

    Nightmare's Rift: A Jester's Smile

    We would like to sign up as SpankySpanky party xD. However, I have a question, are we assigned in the timeslot we desire, or being first means going first? Thanks!
  3. Rayssss

    Nightmare's Rift: Arena of Champions

    This seems interesting and will be a nice change of wind in a long time xD. We would like to register as SpankySpanky party.
  4. Rayssss

    GMC (wave?) Rewards Expansion

    Imo, it's not for the RNG in opening boxes. TWC also has Analyze Eye Costume as the account-bound achievement status same as what you suggest above, yet TWC doesnt attract players that much (there are like 4 teams doing TWC daily right now? Maybe). It's the lack of costumes/rewards that GMC/TWC offers. Every month, we would have some new costumes in the Monthly Box, but why not making some of those costumes available in GMC/TWC boxes also? For example, the recent March monthly box costumes are really good and they got praised a lot from the community, meanwhile GMC/TWC boxes still offer same things. When you open GMC/TWC boxes and keep getting the same set of costumes, dont you get upset? It's very discouraging at the moment.
  5. Rayssss

    Damage or Critical

    That's just approximately calculation on the mvps and mobs that are in gmcs. There are some gmcs that encourage ds and some encourage crit. For example in Shiris, you can ds everything with just QQQ arte except for the Sniper mvp that appears in f3, for this, you must crit. Howl is another good one for pure DS, but crit works better on hydro and nidhogg. For Boreas you wont need QQQ that much, maybe only for Ktul and LOD, once they agi-up, you still are able to hit 'em. In Muui, most of the time in f2 and f3, you have to crit and SS due to 99bios (LK, WS, Sniper) and Swordie, also how Muui works in the last few minutes. Gemini requires both DS and crit. Lance needs crit but can ds if you have QQQ. Imo, there are only 2 gmcs (Shiris and Lance) that QQQ truly shines at. Therefore, most of the times, TTT and AKAKAK are just enough for other gmcs, no need for a third one. Overall, if you wanna do maximum damg efficiency, you should be flexible in your build. This is why you shouldn't be blindly following a direction without researching to maximize it. 85% is my feeling for the DS sniper with QQQ <3 because I love it, but it doesnt solve most of my problems as a fully DS sniper . And that should be it.
  6. Rayssss

    Damage or Critical

    @Tainaka Ritsu you are pro-er than me . @MoonSun&Stars 10 Str is perfect once you take Gryphon card into consideration. But if you dont care/use gryphon then ye, go more than that. 3 Artes are too much. They cost you 450 weight total, which is insane weight for a sniper. Everytime i go gmc/wave, i only take 2 artes out of the stuffs i have xD. Furthermore, I have 7 arrow, 1 armor, 1 weapon, 2 mids hotkeys, for according mobs/mvps, these are just too much for switching lol. Hence, switching between 3 artes is a pain in the *ss .
  7. Rayssss

    Damage or Critical

    Wrong, you can't ds for 40% of mvps and gmcs xD. Qs only makes your DS sniper 85% well rounded, imo. There is a thing that makes your DS sniper completed with QQQ arte but I will leave it for you to research since it's an innovative thing that works only in our pt.
  8. Rayssss

    Damage or Critical

    Fyi, Good snipers hit normal Cecil (not 99) with arte QQQ only. No need for Phree, imo Phree is a waste on sniper. With this QQQ build to hit cecil with DS, you need around 180-190dex, which is cool. You got a point, but it's certain that you haven't done enough researches or joined high-end runs. Arte QQQ is a thing I consider purely for DS sniper. It has three main factors: Allowing you to DS the fleed-up normal sniper and sinx, which only crit sniper can kill before. QQQ gives you 45% damg and 105hit, with 190dex sniper, you can have a range of 450 hit. There are many fleed-up mvps that fall under this range, which TTT arte or AKAKAK arte can't hit. Also the 190dex compensate for the lack of 15% damg compared to TTT arte. Why the hell you need hit from QQQ when you have crit build? These are why i dont know why you would lower your dex? Just get it as max and QQQ works wonderfully. Back to the topic, if you are wondering what build you should go for. Is it Crit? Is it DS? Is it Hybird? Every build has its own ups and downs. Nothing superior to others. Just go for what makes you think is most suitable to your own playstyle. @NattWaraalready did a very good calculation above, read it if you guys have time. Prefer ignoring def and slacking? Go crit. Prefer high damg per second? go DS. Prefer both with a little bit disadvantages? Go Hybird. I'm a pure DS sniper myself, but in situations, i go crit, because why not for those things that crit works better than DS. Do your research and calculations and go for that build you desire, guys.
  9. Rayssss

    Help geffenia

    Haha, but back to the topic of geffenia farming tho. Im using the 2xbris sting build with marduk mid, and it can help me reach 160dex by default (170dex with hp buff) + lighter starting weight due to less green pot carrying (for blind only). Additionally, something like 183 aspd without hp buff should work fine, if you include the hp buff in, it would reach 186aspd, which is the ideal aspd for Sherwood Stalker imo. The cons is having to lower your str, but parking a merchant inside Geffenia is still a good thing to me to solve the weight issue with Sherwood. The thing that i dont like when i look at @breno94's build is the Dragon Set, although Str is pretty high, the Dragon set makes you feel a lot heavier. Hence, you might want to go back a lot more, which is wasting your time. Best thing to go with that Sherwood build is maybe to find a different set of armor and garment which is more lighter but can compensate for Dragon set, i.e Thief Cloth and Diablos Mant. The other things that also affect your income a lot are external factors such as many people in the map and drop rate. But with this build, i think you can reach at least 3.8m per hour.
  10. Rayssss

    Help geffenia

    Haha, that is me, but i never said exactly that amount. Always adding a range to it, should be "4m-6m". However, with the state of Geffenia now, the 6m seems almost impossible to make HAHA.
  11. Rayssss

    Script Errors All of a Sudden

    I just encountered this problem also. I can still play the game fine, but it's become so annoying whenever i open a new client .
  12. Rayssss

    Auction: Whisper Tall Hat Costume and Flying Drone Costume

    Going 85m for the WTH. Ingame name: Syarrr.
  13. Rayssss

    Seals Service From Aldebaran Est.2016 [OPEN]

    Pumping images! Thanks our customers a lot! We are very thankful for your consideration and generousity throughout 2017! You guys are the reason for us to strive to become better in selling seal service everyday. We hope you guys have a merry new years and all the good things to come to you in your venture through 2018. From Aldebaran with <3.
  14. Pm-ed and pumping this thread up .
  15. Pm-ed and pumping this thread up .