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  1. 2nd slot 4:30pm on 14th May please o/.
  2. slot 4 on 19th April please t/y o/.
  3. Beta: slot 2 (16:00pm server time) on 4th April. Real run: slot 3 (16:30pm server time) on 6th April please o/.
  4. Team: SpankySpanky. Beta run: 15th March slot 3. Real run: 16th March slot 4. Please o/.
  5. Slot 5 - 16:00pm server time please o/.
  6. Oh, Since 9th Feb is still in Lunar New Year days, we would like to change our slot 3 on 9th Feb to slot 4 (16:30pm server time) on 23rd February please o7.
  7. Uhm, tmr would be hard for us. We would like to take 3pm slot on 12th January pls o/.
  8. Slot 3 pls o/. Party name "SpankySpanky".
  9. Thanks a lot for taking your effort in to clarify this matter o/.
  10. I think you guys miss my point here. I mean the normal garden instance at mjolnir_04 map, not the elysian garden event that Lance hosts :(. Since i saw people entering and solo the mvps inside with 5 accounts when there was still a non restricted portal in the map. Thus, im wondering that when you made the npc just to limit that happens, but now you offer more insignias, doesnt this defeat the purpose of making the npc to check for insignia at first?
  11. Thanks for your reply, However, as of now, the Insignia is 1 ingame account bound, and 1 ingame account bound = 12 characters inside. Of course, people wont be naive enough to request 6 extra Insignias on only 1 ingame account, instead they will request for 6 other different ingame account with your offer. Unless Nightmare Insignia is character bound, everyone can go in with 7 different ingame accounts (84 characters to choose from btw). And believe me, i know people who can do 5 accounts at once. Wouldnt this be too much since it can allow 1 person to go in with his/her accs and basically solo the garden?
  12. Also another question, you mentioned in the thread that we can request insignia for 6 extra chars for people who already finished The Crown, reasoning that it will offer more versatility. However, this hardly makes sense as Nightmare Insignia is now in-game account bound, if people can create 12 different classes in that ingame account then they will surely not be bothered. Plus you are offering 6 more insignias per person, then everyone can go in Elysian Garden in 7 different ingame accounts which makes it lose the exclusive status. Unless the Nightmare Insignia is now going to be character bound, then it would make sense to offer 6 extra insignia per person?
  13. Hello, SpankySpanky would like to get 4pm server time slot on Sunday the 9th December please o/.
  14. Hello, SpankySpanky pt would like to grab the 15:00pm server time slot on Sunday the 25th please o/. Furthermore, we are also confused with how the instance works here. So here come questions. 1/ Is this instance only 1 time per month and we need to schedule with GMs first? Or we can go in anytime? 2/ If we aren't allowed to enter through the portal 24/7 and need GMs permission, what is the point in not revealing it to public? Eventually there will be people able to find it right? 3/ If our pt might not be able to make it according to the timeslot above for some reasons like travelling, family issue, etc. We can still reschedule our Elysian Garden run. But as you said it's once per month, and next week is the last week of November, can we reschedule it (if this happens) to beginning of December time and also do end of December run in the same month? I believe no one wants to miss the chance to experience the instance. Best regards, Rays.
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