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  1. zManuel

    Sherwood VS Ice pick

    not a fan of gloom in geff as well, but i didnt know that you can 2 hit BUSes with just IP [TG]. TG just addt'l 20% atk right?
  2. zManuel

    Help geffenia

    the guy is using stalker -.-
  3. zManuel

    Tunnel Drive + Sleipnir not working?

    use rouge spirit, it'll solve your problemooo. ❤️
  4. zManuel

    Sherwood VS Ice pick

    you can still kill incu/succu with 2 bbs even tho ur using +4 IP [0] doppel>TG. its easier to re-sell compare to TG. as a stalker, i tried both and ended up with GEC ❤️
  5. zManuel

    Good place to farm NPC sell loot with overcharge?

    try odin 2. the drops are decent for OC like ROD, lipstick etc. and if you are lucky, you can also get Earring [1] :)
  6. zManuel

    Hi everyone!

    hello! welcome to TRO. what's the story behind your good name, btw? anw enjoy your stay! PS. you can PM @Erez or @elijah for free zenny. they have tons of it. see you ingame -zRouge
  7. zManuel

    Sempiternal (Social/PvE guild)

    Fist Bump
  8. zManuel

    S>Sherwood and other stuffs

    how much for wine cup?
  9. zManuel

    B> Glove [1] / Earring [1] / Matyr Card

    Glove [1] 6m Earring [1] 8.5m Matyr Card 4.5m BUMP
  10. Glove [1] 6m Earring [1] 8.5m Matyr Card 4.5m Mail me in game @ zRouge or zMerchant thank you
  11. zManuel

    Ano ang RO story mo?

    okay lang yan. nag send ako ng pm sa discord link
  12. zManuel

    B> + 1 AGI MID [Pharoah]

    B> + 1 AGI MID [Pharaoh] 20m
  13. zManuel

    B> Bris [sting]

    BOUGHT! <3