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  1. Pinoy OFW TalonRO player

    malayo ka pala sa kabihasnan, papi
  2. No Monkey Talk

    130TC = 149.5m or 150m (1TC=1.15m) now the BASIC items for effective farmers... 2 celeb rings = 80-82m (you can use other cheap accessories but this one is best) LKH = 52-54m GEC shoes = 14m now you only have 2m left in your account yet you still need... let's say you chose to be a stalker and you want to farm in geffenia... dev garment (universal) 24-27m weapon (icepick) 16-17m shield (khlitz) 3-5m Armor (bathory) 5-6m? mid lower etc, etc.. as my fellow talonian said, GET TO KNOW THE GAME, EXPLORE, DONT RUSH and check which character/job fits in your game play. good luck with your 150m
  3. Copper coin

  4. Your new GM is a...

    daan lang, ser. wlang bayad
  5. Pinoy OFW TalonRO player

    san ka sa abu dhabi? haha AUH din ako
  6. Questions for geffenia and yes I have looked at old posts

    Back when i was still using icepick, it's more comfortable for me to put my slaves inside geff. some put their slaves outside, some are inside. truth is, you are the only one who can answer your question. try both and see which comfort you most.
  7. How to get rich without getting bored

    tits me senpai <3
  8. High end geffenia money guide

    like a G6
  9. Stalker Devi or +20Flee

  10. High Wiz Vanilla EQ

  11. High Wiz Vanilla EQ