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  1. I have DD_ Offer for it
  2. Kyo


    Por eso mismo el dano es caca. Necesitas DTTH, DTTV o DTTT. para poder hacer una mano bueno. Esto es asumiendo que tengas Valk helm. Sino tienes vale helm entonces DDTT sera tu mejor opción
  3. Still I thought it will be something more useful . Plain simple is shit. At this point im asking myself what GM might have chosen to put this on the options....
  4. @NattWara Totally true it sucks.
  5. So, what will it be the use of this skill . Because in a SN it will be pointless. Anyone can tell me how this van help in any build????
  6. Kyo

    PC> SN equips

    Hello im trying to get price on these. +9 Novice Shield +9 Novice Manteau +9 Novice Breastplate +10 Novice Shield +10 Novice Manteau +10 Novice Breastplate Thank you in advanced
  7. I really appreciate your comment. But please read the bonus before writing anything. It says LEVEL 10 auto bolts. If it has to work with a freaking SL then they should have put: Level 10 autospell #SLSLAVE..... Please look into this..... i dont think spending our time and zenny on this Bonus is even worth it. If it has to have a soul linker attached to it 24/7. Sorry just felling desapointed. Thats all @GM Boreas
  8. I was trying to make something different so i decided to make a Auto bolter SN. I just got the bonus thinking that i will be doing Level 10 bolts and man.... what a surprise did i got . That Crap is like level 2 . Man that a Waste of our time and a REALLY SHITTY Bonus ( or is just working WRONG? ) Please advise GM. Thanks
  9. Just get +7 or higher Luna Kaleet [ AK x 3 ] and call it a day.
  10. As tittle says. Also interested in over-ups SN equips +9 +10 only thanks.
  11. Kyo


    Si tienes que pasar 5 seals si mas no acuerdo para poder tener la avilidad de ponerle los bonus al TF. ( costo de 50M por todo si mas no me acuerdo ) Que cartas tiene el TF que comprastes?
  12. Kyo

    B> Creeper bow

    Like titl says, leave offer here or pm me
  13. Kyo

    PC> Novice Equips

    Thank you man.
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