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  2. Persephone08

    help farming hunter

    Replace your Pantie and Undershirt with Dragon Manteau and Dragon Vest, put porcellio and stem worm card on them. Or, you can also replace Gusli and Tele Clip with 2x Sting gloves.
  3. Completely agree. I reached 99 HP in Niff without Eddga ~ even I didn't have 150 dex before I bought enchanted armor. I used KE instead of Assumptio to avoid getting hit when mobbing. When you buy deviling, it's better when equipped with Diablos Manteau (~20mill give or take and reduces Neutral Property damage by 5%). Even better if you wear Holy Robe as your armor, preferably the slotted one.
  4. Persephone08

    What do I buy with my zeny?

    Hey, I'm still newbie here, but let me do my best here: - save a little more to buy GEC Shoes ~ (GEC card = 12TC, Shoes[1] +/- 400-500K, or +7 GEC Shoes around 16-18m) this helps you a lot when solo-ing. E.g. you can spam DS non stop without have to worry about your SP - since you are still hunter, don't buy anything wait until you trans into sniper, then buy Dragon Vest and Dragon Manteau combo ( AGI + 5, FLEE + 15 -- great for solo, at least for me) the price for both is 6.5m OR (since you are poor, lol) you can Doha's Secret Order quest, which will reward you with Dragon Manteau[1] and Bradium Brooch[1] - or you can buy Sting Glove for accessories Anyway, there are a lot of item suggestion for hunter here in the forum. Spend some time to find what's the best for you with your current budget. And ALWAYS check the price before buying something. You can check it here: Selling Shops