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  1. Notorious X

    I am here, IGN CorporalSnipe
  2. Notorious X

    Hi there, Wish to join. what time should I go moscovia? currently at moscovia
  3. bonus experience

    recently I can't see the remaining bonus experience(rest bonus) pop out, is it talon remove it?
  4. On-Line Guild [Social PVM Guild]

    Hi Edge, any chat room?
  5. gefenia SinX need build advice

    Hi all, For newbie like me, I am a DD SinX(pure auto attack currrently). I have IP and MG[DDTP]. Dragon set with Giant whisper, armor still empty. So, should I use bathory in order to farm better in gefenia? Accessory ? mid use marduk? plus SK/BK? Need help and advice from all the Pro
  6. On-Line Guild [Social PVM Guild]

    hi mates, discord link change? i cant go in. help please
  7. On-Line Guild [Social PVM Guild]

    Hi there, I wish to join. By the way, do you guys do seals quest?
  8. S>Calibre Seal Services [CLOSED]

    pm me please for pricing. wish to get all seals