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  1. Yes I believe on other servers, thats what they are calling it Oh I'm so sorry, i thought this was the SUGGESTION page where you can SUGGEST ideas to improve the server... I am also not sure about the others but, there are a certain group of people that changes their skill and stat builds on a regular basis, and there are also some people that don't have the luxury of time in creating specific characters for specific role and i definitely belong to that specific group. I am not insisting that this feature should be implemented immediately but i'm just giving ideas on how to make certain tasks less tedious to all players, old and new. Thank you for informing me that this is already pending. I sure do hope that they will see this through.
  2. Hi GM's, I do apologize in advance if this topic has been suggested before, but i think there should be a certain NPC that can save your current skill build and also has an option of swapping out different skill builds easily. I'm thinking there should be rules to it such as; -You can only save skill builds if you are max BaseLVl / JobLvl for the particular character. -You must use all Skill Points otherwise the NPC wont allow you to save. -You can set up a name for the particular skill build -You can only save at least 3 skill builds (or maybe 5?) -There should be a certain fee when you save a particular skill build (maybe 20k - 30k Zeny?) I believe if my suggestion will be implemented, players will have more enjoyment in trying out certain skill builds for their characters or at least certain Classes such as Super Novice (ex; Fire Bolt Build, Cold Bolt Build, Thunder Storm Build, Melee Crit build) and Ninja (North Wind Build, Water Ball / Water Escape Technique Combo Build) will have more flexibility and ease in their game play. And while we're on the topic, i think we should have another NPC that can save Stat Builds as well to complement the SKill Build NPC. Please let me know what you think GM's. Thank you so much.
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