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  1. should it be the past, the present, and/or the future. we very sure complaints never end. (subjective progressive? does that make sense?) it's great if that's all there's to it that people will be satisfied so easily. the past? that it used to be great on your account.
  2. that is fundamentally what this game is about for other people. means you want new content and stuff? that would personally favor what you want. there's an end content if you believe there is. lol still, if hammering poring monsters is end game to me, then it is. honestly, i'm bored as well.
  3. the end game content is still on a personal level. so it's different for other people. it probably means you exhausted a lot out of the game on that part, and it's running dry personally? now, i'm still kinda confused about how the people behind game never had any goal? more like they screwed it up in the middle (close to) of the operation, or they did not know any better in what aspect? but if they copy-pasted it from other people, it could only mean the goal had been modified. or that they never expected it to play out differently and it had never followed the rule they had in their mind at that time? or they had nothing in mind before it even begun. (regardless, they still had a goal.) and still, some of the things that we have today were formed out of mistakes. (the most obvious instance was that the goal was modified) and how is this still relevant in the present that we are presented with different groups of people?
  4. yeah. basically supply and demand, and needing new players to enter the scene? (a lot of things can be done... but seem very risky.)
  5. there literally is no end game to this lol. ask the philosophers and scientists. they don't know. honestly. (on a personal note, it's fun how people basically just filled the details from where i started. how universal and powerfulhuman really desires are) like a lot of things in life in general? little children seem a lot easier to impress than do adults sometimes? this is more on the level of a group as opposed to the community as a whole. now, if this constitutes majority of the players, or at least of a big part of the community level. (has already been said many times.) it can be healthy to seek new experience. you may be in a deadlock if you keep seeking alternatives that basically just fills you for a moment, and repeat the same pattern again and again. you can't expect a game will fulfill everything for you.
  6. because it's not standard logic?
  7. "all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others." makes no logical sense, right? of course, if i'm going to be honest, there are people i can tolerate only to a degree... that i'm not a very rational person...
  8. there you have the paradox of choice, people who don't like things that are prone to change... this is like advising and authorizing people to try stuff. if it's that easy, we'd live in a utopia. (is that even possible. a utopia for everyone?) not everything goes according to the plan. maybe, trying to get as many people as possible on your side. (honestly and personally, i don't like that, but whatever happens, happens?) (it'd be nice to see what could possibly happen.)
  9. and there are some people who collect, restore and value old things even if it's laborious...
  10. sempai, let's go meta. expectations partly makes life harder, it's impossible not to have one. an investigator would look at the things for what they are and express no judgement. to expect that people become individuals makes little sense. if i'm a follower all my life and it's my conviction to follow others, then what...
  11. just a thought. (going to be a little blunt.) why do we have expectations of others if people truly are individuals, and individuality a virtue? if my goals don't align with others, it means they have no goals and what they're doing is pointless? (how the heck do i know? it makes less sense if we're talking about a group of individuals. magic? rhetoric?) does it mean i just expect people to like what i want? are they based on feelings or thinking, or both. are my observations adequate to prove a point? and it's not rare to find hobbyists who are far more skilled and talented than do professionals. it's just easier and faster to hire the latter for the most part and stuff. the most effective of personality in strategizing and planning runs with perspectives and remains objective no matter what.
  12. non-acceptance of the external world? what if hypothetically you get what you want the game can possibly offer and it still falls apart? what is truly faulty here? objectively, i don't think there is. it's probably like complaining when going outside and getting wet because of the rain, not bringing umbrella because of the odds and still complaining. eventually, it'd fall apart, lose its novelty. you'd seek alternatives. you, too, will. let's not forget that humans are emotional creatures. (unrealistic, magical thinking) (subjectively, it'd be nice to get some of the stuff mentioned. it'd probably get some people going longer.)
  13. the stage is social and economic. people don't join groups just to satisfy a single desire. what is the primary and secondary, adequate enough to explain a phenomenon. sometimes, it's both. the secondary becomes the primary... (it's still a game. i wonder to what extent it affects human psyche.) if cut the fat, what i'm getting at is that if the experience is subjectively not rewarding enough, then the effort is futile. it's true there's only so much you can do.
  14. good read so it's boredom, and seeking novelty?
  15. you can infer, comment the known with the unknown. if it's the case of people behaving the same way I would infer them to a certain effect. are people still individuals? it's probably more to the effect that people are likely to behave based on the groups they belong to. then i form conclusion on how people act based on schemas and stereotypes. i wonder how often this holds truth.
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