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  1. i am a newbie SG too, i searched a bit about the function of the comfort days, the sun is when the server day is even number like 2 4 6 and so on, and the moon i think is for multiple by 5.
  2. w333d

    Client Crash

    Hi! i would like to as for help because my client always crashing whenever i open a character with homunculus. i don't have this kind of problem in the past few days but i don't know what went wrong, just one day i log-in my account with homuculus acc. For the details that might help you to solve the problem: i am using an ai called mirai v1_2_2 the latest Other characters can be opened except characters with homunculus. i have no other sprite or whatsoever when it comes to homunculus, just a customized ai my R.O patch and TRO patch are already been patched up to the latest. Look what the error says whenever i log-in my alche account. P.S. I looked it up and search a bit and i find a few solution that might solve the problem, although i don't want to ruin the TRO file if i download and put it through the file of TRO, so i am consulting here first coz it might not be different to the TRO client and some other server's client.
  3. Hello guys! I not so familiar about the SG class but i was fascinated to try although it is a bit pricey coz of the gears needed. Anyways, I have level 97/50 SG but I don't have a decent gears. topHG - LKH Mid - Str[BK] Low- Pirate Dag Armor - +7coat +3Str[porcellio] Shield - Mirror shield[Anubis] Garment- Muffler[Dev] Shoes - GEC shoes i don't have a elem book yet. I'm planning to complete the set but yesterday i tried to practice at odin3F, unfortunately it wasn't good enough. Today i tried it again, but it seems like the Comfort of the sun wasn't activating, so i wonder what went wrong... And I decided to try at DG, i don't know what happen but the comfort of the moon is working perfectly fine. I wasn't really familiar about the skills of SG and I'm starting to get the gist of it but my knowledge about the skills and all was not enough. So my questions is, are the "COMFORT" skills are only usable within a certain day or week? or is it that you die too much so it wasn't working (sound stupid right? yeah i know lol) So guys if some of you are familiar or pro at SG skills help me! And BTW suggest some items that is lacking or needed for SG at Odin or DG
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