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  1. Notorious X

    Jupe Run with Nx Family
  2. Notorious X

    Nice list of Halloween Events for the Guild
  3. Notorious X

    Oh nice. There will be an upcoming Halloween Event.
  4. Notorious X

    BUMP.. guys, me and SORA updated the tracker for those who wanna do MVP hunts tonight,, Happy Hunting and Goodluck...
  5. Notorious X

    GO BLUE TEAM!!! (powerbump lvl 9999)
  6. Notorious X

  7. Notorious X

    RIP abysmal knight card.... >____<
  8. Game Crashes 9-28-2017

    My game crashes when going to different locations: a.) Warp Girl b.) Entering geffenia maps c.)Fly Wings
  9. Game Crashes 9-28-2017

    Hello, This would be a major problem for me if i do ET runs and long raids.The game crashes every 20-30mins .Hoping for a quick response. Many Thanks and More Power to the Support Team!!! Attached also is my talonro folder,, are there folders missing? Crash Log:
  10. Notorious X

  11. How steal works for noobies =)

    So this guide doesn't increase sinx or stalker chance of getting more rings in geffenia basing on their dex and steal level??? ???
  12. The Clown in 2017

    What is the real reason behind the nerfed Bragi? Why the nerf? This is why people nowadays dont look for a clown. This is a cool char tho. IMO. I wish they will improve how Clowns and Gypsies can help more as support for a PvM, MVP, ET Scenarios
  13. ET + GMC + Seal High Priest gear and stat

    Which shoes and shields to up first as HP for ET, GMC,SEALS. Go for Sleipnir[GEC] or Sleipnir[Eddga]?; Valk Shield[Alice] or Valk Shield[GTB]? and PCB really important? Or could buy last?,, need advice pls
  14. Guide: SINX:How to earn 4.5m+/hr in Geffenia

    backing to town every 6mins per kaahi is the trick to reach 3.8m per hr?
  15. SinX stat build and gears PLS HELP :)

    I am 92 job 50 sinx. 2 Mobster card on Bloody Blades. Kindly state weapon of choice Dual dager or for katar build.