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  1. Guide: SINX:How to earn 4.5m+/hr in Geffenia

    backing to town every 6mins per kaahi is the trick to reach 3.8m per hr?
  2. SinX stat build and gears PLS HELP :)

    I am 92 job 50 sinx. 2 Mobster card on Bloody Blades. Kindly state weapon of choice Dual dager or for katar build.
  3. SinX stat build and gears PLS HELP :)

    Hello. Im new to SinX so i need advice. Kindly share Weapon of choice for all around PvM (No SQIs, from low to mid tier weaps). Would like to Sonic Blow and auto attack with crits. Been to Odin and have crappy damage output. XD. My stats wrong? pls teach me.
  4. Hello can anyone suggest item sequence? which item to invest on first? For a FS High Priest MVP/ET. I have Eddga for switching thats all i have.