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  1. I already tried this. Three baby garm cards + 1 garm card are still just one chance to proc at a 30% rate. Same reason two gazeti cards or two elemental swords don't stack - same spell at the same skill level cancel the other's chance out. This is coded into how bAutoSpell works. This is NOT the same as three bebe ccards stacking to give 15% stun. That does work because it's not bAutoSpell. NOW, what might be possible is that 1 garm card procs at 30% rate and 1 more procs at 5% rate, which is pretty much worthless. I don't know how autSpell and set bonuses work though.
  2. Well then you're being smacked by bolts from an elemental sword right? This build would only need int and vit.
  3. How come sacrifice pally isn't more popular in pvp? Seems like you could one shot every class except for other pallys andLK with the 5 hits with this kind of hp.
  4. Thanks for all of the on topic replies everyone. I spent some time trying glast heim areas last night. Seems like raydics were decent enough with the exp boost. My current build is a paladin with 99 int, 190 aspd and an elemental sword. They die in 2 to 3 procs. Working towards adding in vit/hp and sacrifice into the build as I get more job points. I should have noted that I'm only talking about exp farming. I'm able to donate for anything else I want. Making fun builds is where I get most of my enjoyment but I need to be max level to achieve some. As for low rate vs high rate, I get people's perspective. We can donate for essentially any item through tc or zeny and I was wondering why there wasn't an option for exp boosts as well. It only warps the progression, not the gameplay. "Take my money".
  5. Any good spots for soloing 1 monster at a time for an auto attack elemental sword build there?
  6. I'll write them for a CD in mouth. PM me.
  7. Is there any way to reduce or reflect the 9% hp per attack?
  8. Stable and has decent donation system that doesn't warp the game too much. I have more time than money as I get older and this is key for me being able to play and enjoy my limited time. Biggest gripes is that unslotting is way too expensive, and that there have only been a couple new items to change up gameplay over the years. That is slowly changing with new cards but yeah, only events and the social aspect keep most people coming back. Not a big fan of the events and pvp has little incentive to get people to play. To sum up gripes - lack of progression through lack of new items or incentives to play the most fun (social) aspects of the game (crazy pvp or pvm)
  9. Being able to query off of things like item script was super powerful. What is the current issue? Repoluating the web db' with the item/monster info? Seems like a pretty straight forward script.
  10. Is this still accurate? Thinking about making a min/max sacrifice paladin.
  11. Interesting. I'll have to check out Tamtams. Is it always worth it depending on your class? As for end game gear, the main reason I play here is because I can donate and skip that part which is great. I have more money than time these days and I prefer trying new builds more than grinding for zeny.
  12. I eventually was able to click dismiss and it shut down the game. On next login I had a few more errors but the mercenary disappeared and I can play again.
  13. Please see the latest post here: Essentially, mercenaries from payon don't seem to have an AI file anymore and freeze your game when you summon them. At this point I'm not sure if they go away after 24 hours or not, but if they don't, I cannot play my character anymore. I also tried replacing the AI files in the base talonro AI file with ones from this post but it still didn't work: My character's name is MagicMaester.
  14. Does this till work? I get an error when I double click the level 6 mercenary. And Over and over. In fact, I log out and back in and this still pops up and I'm frozen. Wtf! The only way the game moves is if I hold Enter and blow through the errors constantly. HELP!!!! Crap, looks like I have the archer for 23 hours and can't play until then
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